We thank you for visiting our profile! You could potentially be giving us the greatest honor of our lives-entrusting us with your child. Please know your child will always be cherished and that we will do everything in our power to give him or her the best life possible. We dreamed of being parents and believe that adoption is our path to growing our family.

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Eli Clare
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Why We Chose Adoption
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We dreamed of being parents even before we met, and tried to have children for several years before coming to the decision that adoption was our path to growing our family. On this journey, we have experienced the emotional highs and lows going through fertility treatments. We have watched as our friends and family have become parents and knew that our desire was to be parents ourselves.

Adoption has always been part of our lives in that we both know people who are adopted and have adopted. While we were deciding on how to grow our family, we looked to our friends and family who were adopted and how happy they were with their adoptions. We came to the decision that what was important to us was to be parents and not genetics of our future child.

We and our entire extended family are so excited to welcome a child into our family through adoption.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Vacation With Friends

Through our travels, work and friendships we have learned that all cultures value family. Family provides love and support for you. Our future child will be loved and we will embrace and speak about issues related to race and culture.

We have a diverse group of friends and family, and we enjoy participating in their traditions and cultures. Our extended family is multicultural and we incorporate all cultural traditions into holiday celebrations and daily life. Eli’s paternal great-grandparents were immigrants from Poland. Every Easter, his family acknowledges their Polish heritage by serving a traditional holiday dish. Eli’s Grandfather continued to speak Polish and English through out his life.

Clare is a mixture of English, Scottish, German, and Dutch. We celebrate our Scottish heritage by having bagpipers at important family events. We both celebrate our German ancestry through collecting authentic German Nutcrackers that we decorate the house with around Christmas. A family tradition at Christmas is have a cookie decorating party. We honor our Christian beliefs by celebrating Easter and Christmas with our family.

We promise to respect and honor our future child’s culture and ethnicity. We will make sure your child is provided with opportunities to interact with people of similar ethnic background. We would also love to learn about your traditions so we could incorporate them into our traditions.

Family Traditions

We have established many family traditions in our nine years of marriage. One of our favorite is decorating our house for every holiday from Valentine’s day to Christmas. The decoration add a sense of joy for each holiday.

In the fall we going apple and pumpkin picking with our family and friends. They have a large barn with fresh donuts, hayrides and a petting zoo for the kids.

Another of our favorite traditions is to host a cookie decorating party before Christmas. Everyone has a great time drinking hot cocoa and maybe eating more cookies than they decorate.

At the end of each year, Clare makes a calendar for the following year with all the photos from that year. We look forward to sharing our tradition and creating new ones with our future child.

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