Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are an adventurous fun-loving couple that have been together for over five years. Even before we were married we knew that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We truly appreciate your courage and selflessness in choosing the right family for your child. Thank you for considering us.

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Playing Pirate's with a Friend's Son
Memory with a Child
Dolphin Tour with Our Nephew
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Yearly Photobook
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Dream Job
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Favorite Vacation Spot
Gorgeous Sunset in Florida

Our favorite vacation spot is the Gulf of Florida. Katie spent a significant amount of time on family vacations when she was younger and we find ourselves returning to Florida regularly as a getaway just for the two of us or as an extended family vacation.

The Gulf of Florida is teeming with wildlife from unique and exotic birds to a myriad of marine life which is hard to find anywhere else in the United States. It also has a feeling of island time allowing families to relax and enjoy the time they have together.

Most recently we vacationed to Sanibel Island with our extended family and our nephew. It was amazing to see the joy and wonder he experienced by seeing his first starfish, running around on the sandy beach, and jumping into the ocean’s surf and waves. We are very much looking forward to returning and being able to share these and other first experiences with this child as a member of our family.

Cultural Diversity

Throughout our lives we have been blessed to experience a myriad of cultures through our work and travels. The underlying thread that we have seen is that no matter the country, language, or socio-economic background people are genuinely good and are trying to do the best that they can for their families, friends, and communities. We believe what is special about this world is that there are so many people who add their own uniqueness to our humanity. We take every opportunity to learn about, respect, and appreciate all walks of life. This is a theme that we will use to raise our children, and will be the basis for any questions or conversations that we will have with this child in regards to different cultures, races, or ethnicities. We also believe that every culture should be proud of their heritage and we intend to ensure that this child knows and understands the uniqueness and special heritage that is their own.

Why We Chose Adoption
We Are So Excited to be Adopting!

Since before we were married we have known that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. Our intention was to pair our biological children with our adopted children. We attempted to have our own children but after an attempt of Invitro Fertilization we learned we are unable to have children. For some people this would be a devastating scenario. For us, it simply meant that we were meant to grow our family through adoption. Shortly after we received this information we began thoroughly researching adoption agencies and located American Adoptions. Which brings us where we are today and once again we wanted to thank you for taking the time to review our profile.

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