Thank you so much for considering us. The gift of life is the most precious thing anyone can give, and we commend you for this. One thing that is missing from our lives is a child that we can love and nurture for all of his or her life. We are excited to devote ourselves fully to raising a child and look forward to all of the joys and challenges of parenthood.

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Darryl Rachel
job description
Senior Analyst Kindergarten Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Master's Degree in Education
Dream Job
Professional Ice Hockey Player
Dream Job
Bestellling Author
Childhood Memory
Playing Hockey with Neighborhood Kids
Childhood Memory
Disney World
Memory with Spouse
Rachel's Birthday Party
Memory with Spouse
Running through the Magic Kingdom Happily in the Rain
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Quality about my Spouse
Legally Married

What it Means to be a Parent
A Gorgeous Day in Florida

To be a parent is to be able to give fully of oneself. At this point in our lives, we have experienced so much: we have traveled, become settled in our careers, bought a house, and we have just about everything one could want, except for this one special and most important piece. We are able to give a child a good home and everything he or she could want or need. We want for your child to be raised to respect others regardless of their social status, race or religion. We want to instill morals in your child and know that he or she has learned between right and wrong. We want to allow your child to pursue anything he or she dreams of being and doing. We want to see him or her blossom into what he or she is truly meant to do in life.

We look forward to seeing who your child will become. Rachel is excited about the many educational and social aspect of parenthood, and looks forward to lots of play dates and activities. Darryl is eager to have a child to take to sporting events and concerts. We are both thrilled about the many different aspects of parenthood. We know it will be a joy and a challenge and we are so looking forward to this opportunity.

Education We Will Provide

Understanding child development and the importance of early education, we will choose a loving daycare that provides engaging early learning activities near Rachel’s school. Another option is an in-home daycare with a loving friend of our family who provides early education and children.

We would like to delve into education with a fun and adventurous spirit by going out into nature to explore. We are avid travelers, and love learning about new cultures and languages. Experience is the best teacher, and we plan on continuing many new experiences through travel and exploration as a family.

Rachel loves children’s literature looks forward to reading bedtime stories, and Darryl is fascinated by how things work and so will probably be doing a lot of work with Legos and robotics.

We believe each child should be nurtured and educated in a way that is conducive to allowing them to completely become their best selves. We will support any talent or hobby your child might have, and think that a well-rounded education filled with hobbies, travel, culture and enjoyment will allow your child to become successful in school and in life.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Our Favorite Beach Restaurant

Darryl is the most kind, honest and loving person and that is what Rachel loves most about him. People who know Darryl either socially or through work rave about his forthrightness and integrity. He is the real deal when it comes to a goodness and morality. Not only that, but he has an amazing sense of humor, is a handyman, and loves children. Any child raised by Darryl will learn the true sense of what it means to be respectful, kind and hardworking.

Rachel is creative, witty and energetic. She has a soothing and joyful presence. She is dedicated to her job as a teacher, and is very nurturing to her students. Rachel also goes out of her way to make her friends and family happy as well. Rachel will make a wonderful mother for any child.

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