Adoption is a treasure we keep close to our hearts because it has always been part of who we are as a family. Julie and her sister were adopted, we adopted our daughter Lizzie, and many cousins were adopted. We understand the love and sacrifice that goes into the decision and promise your child will share the same appreciation. If selected, we'll ensure your child has every need and want met, including educational opportunities, financial security, and most of all, lots and lots of love to share with a child!

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Adoption in Our Lives
Our Family

We feel we can provide a loving and supportive home for a child, because of our first-hand experience with adoption. Julie was adopted as a baby and was raised in a household with other adopted children in an environment that was grateful of her birth mother's love and sacrifice. Since Julie's was a closed adoption, she did not know much about her biological family. When she turned 18, she took the initiative (with the encouragement of her adoptive parents) to find her birth mother. It was a very exciting and emotional moment, which has grown into a strong loving relationship with her entire biological family. Julie feels so blessed to have both women in her life and to have an adoptive family who is open to having a relationship with her biological family. We currently raise our adopted daughter in a similar way we were raised- in an open, understanding, and loving home. As early as possible we encourage discussions where she feels comfortable talking with us about her birth mother and adoption. We created a hardback photo book that tells the story of her adoption. We read it during our bedtime routine which is one of the things we do to help her understand the words adoption, birth mother, and family. Because we have many adopted family members, there are many other opportunities for a child to learn and grow confident in who they are and where they came from. Also, Julie's biological mom, who is lovingly called mom-mom by the young children in our family, helps them understand from the birth mother's perspective, all the love involved in the difficult decision of adoption. This is our parenting style we intend to carry forward with any child joining our family.

Our Leisure Time
All the Grandmas at the Beach

We have a healthy, fun-loving lifestyle in which we enjoy both high activity and relaxing down-time. We enjoy many things together, such as volunteering, traveling to new places, and doing home improvement projects. We have a Labrador named Fitz, who we adore. He & Lizzie have so much fun playing in the backyard. He is an older, calmer dog who is very tolerant of Lizzie and her friends' tough play antics. We are very supportive of each other's hobbies. Dave likes to play the guitar, cook, and running. Julie likes creative and adventurous activities like painting, trapeze, or skydiving. Family is the center of our life. We look forward to the weekends; it's our time to spend quality time together - either exploring new places or staying local relaxing. A typical weekend is walking up to the farmers market, hitting a playground or two to play with friends, and eating out at a neighborhood restaurant. We visit the zoo and children's museums often. Everything is within walking distance from our house and we feel very lucky that everything is close to us, so we rarely get in the car on the weekends unless it is to visit out of state family or go to the beach. Speaking of, another big part of our lifestyle is going to the beach since it is only a couple of hours away. We have a beach house and throughout the year, we go often as we can with our extended family which include Julie's birth family, so we can enjoy the ocean, boardwalk, bonfires, and playing games together.

Our Family Traditions
Leprechaun Trap

Some of our family traditions are like most people's - Christmas dinners, Easter egg hunts, and family vacations. We do have some other family traditions that we enjoy that may not be as typical. Julie's family LOVES St. Patrick's Day and celebrate the festivities together. They dress in as much green as possible and they make sure to keep it fun for kids at all ages. We started an annual tradition with our niece & nephew about the mischievous leprechaun. We play tricks on the kids and blame the leprechaun - such as turning the milk green with food-coloring or placing their toys in odd spots. Each year the kids build a clever trap to try and catch the leprechaun. Dave's family enjoys special foods at holiday dinners such as Ricotta Pie, Seven Fishes and sweet breads. We spend each Mother's Day at the beach with our extended family to kick off the summer and enjoy our first bushel of Maryland Bluecrabs. Eating crabs is an all-day event that our family loves. Julie taught our young nephew how to pick the meat out of crabs, which is an art that needs to be learned at an early age. Every Easter all the children visit our uncle's farm for Easter egg hunts and to play with newborn lambs and chickies. We are excited to have our family share and teach these wonderful traditions with a new child in the family and continue the fun memories!

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