Adoption has always been very close to our hearts. Throughout our entire lives, we have been surrounded by the joy adoption can bring and are thrilled to begin our journey. It has been our dream to become parents and to be given that opportunity would mean the world to us. We look forward to building a relationship with you and your child.

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Steve Amber
job description
Airport Director Credit Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management Bachelor's Degree in Social Science
Family Activity
Anything Outdoors
Family Activity
Family Walks
Dream Job
Managing a Large Hub Airport
Dream Job
Working with Kids at a Non-Profit
Memory with Spouse
Getting Married Just the Two of Us at the Court House
Memory with Spouse
Getting Married Just the Two of Us at the Court House
Sport to Watch
Sport to Watch
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
One Happy Family

We were married for two years when we started getting asked, "When are you going to have kids?" We weren't in any rush and always said, "If we can’t have children, we will adopt." We wanted to be parents one day, and whether that was our own biological child or not, we still wanted to be parents.

After some time we started trying to have a child. After previous attempts to get pregnant were unsuccessful, we decided to find other options. We did a couple of fertility treatments, but knew it wasn't for us. Since the idea of adoption had always been a part of our lives, it was the only choice. We have seen, firsthand, the beauty and success of adoption with our neighbors. One has two beautiful adopted girls, and our other neighbor adopted a wonderful little girl from China. We see how much love and joy are filled in those little girls' eyes and it warms our hearts to think that could be us one day.

Our Leisure Time
Just Finished a Half Marathon

We are both very active people. We each play various sports throughout the week and always find outdoor activities to do on the weekend. We enjoy taking our dog to a large dog park that has walking/hiking trails as well as hiking small mountains in the area. Also, since we surround ourselves with friends and family, we never turn down the opportunity to host or attend cookouts with friends or visit with Amber’s family who lives only 3 hours away. Giving back to our community is also something we enjoy doing including: assisting with various events in town and being "dog walkers" for the local animal shelter.

Once we have a child, we plan to bring them to our family events that take place in our town and surrounding towns. We already attend events with our neighbors and their children. Most of our friends' children call us Uncle Steve and Aunt Amber, because of the close bond we have created with them. It is our desire to expose and socialize our future child with opportunities to grow and develop a personality that is healthy, friendly and loving.

Adoption in Our Lives

Adoption has always been in our lives. Many of our friends were adopted themselves or have adopted children of their own. We are extremely close with our next-door neighbors who have two adopted daughters and another close couple that are friends of ours are currently in the adoption process.

Steve's mother and Aunt (mother's sister) were both adopted so it has been a personal part of his family life. Because of this, Steve has also maintained that even if he could have a biological child, he would still look into the possibility of adoption at some point. When he informed his mother, she was over-joyed and thrilled with our decision to adopt. She had always insisted that we would be amazing parents. She was blessed with amazing adoptive parents and has always maintained her belief that we would be able to be the same loving and supportive parents for any child that would be fortunate to call us Mom and Dad.

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