Hi, we are Cassi and Erica! We are a young, active, and loving couple with an enthusiasm for life and a love for family. The two of us are thrilled to be ready to add a little one to our family adventures, and we are extremely excited for the experience ahead. We hope you enjoy getting to know us through our profile.

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Cassi Erica
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Future Stay-at-Home Mom Software Developer
Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Education Master's Degree in Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics
Memory with Spouse
Traveling the World Together for a Year
Memory with Spouse
Spending a Year Around the World
Childhood Memory
Summer Camp in the Woods
Childhood Memory
Starting a Detective Agency With My Sister
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Quality about my Spouse
Traditional Taqueria
Japanese Ramen
Cousin Weekend
Cousin Weekend
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Exploring Ruins in Turkey

We love our relaxed yet exciting lifestyle! In a usual week at home, you’ll find us hanging out with some visiting family or friends, spotting bunnies and lizards on a walk to our favorite neighborhood iced tea spot, or breaking out the sunscreen for our (at least once a week) pool day of playing and splashing around.

We both have the flexibility to set our own schedules, and we are looking forward to being involved in our kid’s everyday life growing up. From taking our child to weekly activities to enjoying downtime at home, we are thrilled to have the flexibility to enjoy life together on the schedule that works best for our family.

The ability to work and support our family from any location also allows us to pursue one of our greatest passions, travel. We regularly travel to see family, and we are often exploring new areas of the country or new countries around the world. Whenever we get the chance, we travel with our nephews, and it’s awesome watching them see parts of the world for the first time! We can’t wait for our child to be a global traveler with us.

Our Leisure Time
A Beautiful Day Outside Together

We love to get outside when we have a little free time, and, since Arizona is sunny and warm year round, we spend part of almost every day outdoors. Pool time is a favorite and a regular activity at our place. Whether we’re splashing around with our nephews, swimming for a little extra exercise, or just relaxing and chatting, you’re likely to find us at our pool at least a few times a week.

We both share a love of nature, and, luckily, there is plenty of nature close to home. One of Erica’s favorite summertime activities growing up was tubing with her friends on the local waterway, so we’re excited to hit the river just outside of town for a new tubing experience. We enjoy taking short hikes in the nearby desert, and we’re looking forward to discovering new camping spots in the surrounding red rocks. Occasionally, we’ll head into the city and spend the afternoon at a Spring Training game or another local sporting event.

We look forward to watching our child share in some of our favorite activities, and we are equally excited to find new ways to spend time as a family — biking to the neighborhood park, reading a book together, or enjoying some of the more kid-centric activities nearby like visiting the aquarium or racing go-karts.

Cultural Diversity

If we have the opportunity to adopt a child with a different racial background from our own, we are going to welcome the chance to nurture and discover their cultural identity with them. We will look to members of the community, books, activities, travel, and any other resources we can find to help educate our family. We realize that our child’s birth family is a wonderful place for this type of learning to start, and, if possible, we would welcome a relationship with you as one way for our child to learn about their identity and culture.

Regardless of the race of our child, we plan to emphasize the importance of diversity as a family. Erica is fluent in Spanish, and Cassi is conversational. We plan to speak Spanish with our child and to seek out activities and opportunities that allow them to experience and learn from many different cultures. Our nephews attend a Mandarin bilingual preschool, and we have seen firsthand what diversity in education has added to their lives, even at a young age.

We live in a culturally diverse urban area, and we travel regularly both within the U.S. and abroad. Through our travels, we have fallen in love with discovering new cultures, languages, and ways to thrive in life. We hope to teach our children about how amazing the world is and to keep experiencing it for ourselves.

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