Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We know that you have difficult decisions to make and we admire your bravery and selflessness during this time. We are a young couple that has been happily married for over 5 years. Our hearts exploded with love when we became parents to our wonderful daughter and we are thrilled to expand our family with another!

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Steve Lindsay
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What it Means to be a Parent
Our Family

The day we became parents was truly the most life changing day in our lives. Amidst sleepless nights and hundreds (no, make that thousands) of diaper changes, we consider parenting to be the best thing we have done with our lives so far. We love our daughter Alice and enjoy seeing her personality grow as she becomes more and more confident in herself. We love taking Alice for walks, reading her books, snuggling and giving her bottles. Parenting isn't always easy, but we find that being parents to Alice makes us better people. We can only imagine that a future brother or sister for Alice will be both challenging and rewarding in completely new ways for our whole family. We love the thought of having two kids close in age so they can grow up as friends like we did with our siblings. We believe that spending time with our children is the most important way we can be parents, whether it's simply eating meals together and playing soccer in the backyard, or going on family vacations together.

Why We Chose Adoption
A Beautiful Wedding Day!

As soon as we started dating, we talked about our hopes and dreams to someday have children. There was never a question that this was in our plan. After several years of marriage, we knew we were ready to start a family. However, Lindsay was given an infertility diagnosis soon after and promptly started treatments. It was during this time that we talked about adoption and knew that if we were unable to have biological children, adoption would be a wonderful way to expand our family. Lindsay was able to get pregnant through the treatments and we thankfully had a healthy baby in February 2016. In the months following our daughter’s birth, Lindsay still thought about adoption a lot and knew wholeheartedly that we could love an adopted child just as much as our biological child. After many conversations with each other and prayer, we realized that we were both feeling called to adoption. There are many different ways to build a family and we are so excited that we have been led to adoption!

Discussing Adoption
Alice Can't Wait To Be a Big Sister!

We will talk to our child about their adoption before they can even understand what we are talking about. We believe that we can make adoption a normal part of our daily conversations. Each of our children will have unique stories about becoming a member of our family and we want our child to feel so special knowing how immensely loved he or she is by both the birth mother/parents and us. We will always instill in our child that the birth mother is a brave and selfless woman. We believe this can be accomplished through natural conversations as our child grows up. By doing this, we can create a safe environment for our child to ask any questions they have about their adoption. We have friends with adopted children who have created such a wonderful example of this for us. Their son proudly boasts to anyone that he is adopted!

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