We are on our journey to adopt because it is our greatest desire to be parents, and this is the path fate has chosen for us. We balance each other out so well, and the only piece missing to complete our lives is a child. All we want to do is give a child the best life he or she could have; one filled with love, knowledge, adventure, and laughter.

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Blake Vida
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Pilot Air Force Officer
Master's Degree in Humanities Master's Degree in Human Relations
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Family Activity
Going to the Beach
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Curious George
Children's Book
Alice in Wonderland
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Hiking with Our Friends & Their 3-Year-Old
Memory with a Child
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Her Patience
Quality about my Spouse
He is Very Kind
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Oakland Raiders
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What it Means to be Parents
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities a human can undertake. You are responsible for raising and shaping the heart and mind of another human. For us, this is the most rewarding job you can have.

Many of our friends and family have children, so we have been exposed to the good and the bad. We know it won't always be smiles and playtime. There will be boo-boos and tantrums, sleepless nights and moody teenagers, but they will be far outweighed by the good times.

What we are most excited for are the everlasting bonds and the memories we will make with our child. Our fondest memories involve events with our parents. Blake and his dad going on golf trips. Vida's dad (the ironman) crying at her graduation from the Air Force Officer Training School.

We know there will be good times and bad, but we are 100% ready to accept all that comes with parenthood, and we look forward to the challenge.

Cultural Diversity

We believe cultural diversity is vital to a civilized society. We will explain to our child the importance of not judging someone by the color of his or her skin, but by a person's actions. Also, people fear what they do not know or understand. It is important to us to educate the child. We truly believe knowledge is power, and a well-educated child is more likely to understand cultural diversity.

We are of different races, but met and fell hopelessly in love. We enjoy interacting with each other's families and their different cultures and traditions. We respect our cultural differences and we make each other better people.

Why We Chose Adoption
So in Love

When we met 12 years ago we were both young Air Force officers. We were focused on our careers. As our marriage and relationship has matured, our stance on having children started to sway the other way. A couple years ago we decided we were finally ready, and wanted to take the big step of having a child. Unfortunately, we were unable to conceive.

After much soul searching, we decided there were so many children in this world who needed a good home, and we wanted to provide it. We want to take care of a child, and give him or her a life filled with love, knowledge, and joy. Our most treasured memories are with our parents. We want to be someone's parents and provide those memories.

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