We're grateful to you for considering adoption and we will be praying for you and the tough decision you are making. Please know that we would give your child a home and life filled with love, laughter and happiness and that your child would always know that your love is what brought them to us. With lots of love, Francisco and Heike.

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Francisco Heike
job description
Information Systems Security Officer Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree
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Movie Type
Memory with Spouse
Our First Date
Memory with Spouse
Our First Date
Working on Cars
DIY Projects
Day of Week
Football Sundays
Day of Week
Gameday (aka Sunday)
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
At the Beach in Sunny Florida

We're always looking for new adventures to take together. This includes camping, hiking and kayaking. When we lived in Germany we used to have lots of beautiful hiking trails that lead to gorgeous castles where you're usually able to find some kind of restaurant that serves traditional food. Here in Florida we especially enjoy being so close to the beach and having warm weather all year long. We're super excited to be back in the U.S. for good, so we can go to the stadium and see our favorite teams play.

We are an active couple and we love so many things! On the one hand we love nature. We enjoy visiting national parks to explore the mountains, the woods and the waterfalls as well as taking a guided tour to learn about the animals living there. Frank loves fishing. It's perfect for him to unwind and relax, even if he doesn't make a single catch.

On the other hand we love visiting amusement parks. We could spend days at Universal Studios so we don't miss a single detail of Harry Potter World or take the Simpsons ride over and over again. Also, we're kind of nerdy. We love superheroes and the "Big Bang Theory". We own all kinds of "Star Wars" stuff, we even buy and build "Star Wars" LEGOs. Besides nature, fun stuff, nerd stuff, our cars and hanging out with friends we love, love, love Football! We can’t wait to introduce our child to all the thrills of gameday!

Cultural Diversity
Francisco with His Brother, Nieces and Daughters

Our family IS diversity! Heike is Caucasian and so is her family. Frank is Hispanic, his family is originally from the Dominican Republic. He has a darker skin and both of his grandfathers were black. His daughters have this amazing, beautiful tans. So our family displays all different kinds of colors and we love this so much!

It is really important to us to consciously embrace diversity. We will teach our child to appreciate the richness of differences that exists in our family, to empathize with all types of people and not discriminate against others.

Every person is perfect just the way they are. Our common pains and joys are what brings us together, but our diversity makes us unique. We will always give our child the feeling of being unique and perfect but at the same time teach him or her that they are no better than others: that we are all equal. Love is the answer. We hope to raise a child that faces others with kindness and respect, no matter how they look like or where they come from.

Our Religious Beliefs

We are both Christians and believe in God. Frank is catholic. His family is originally from the Dominican Republic, so traditions like going to church and praying are very important. Frank's mother, Ramona, prays for our future child and his or her biological family every day. Heike was never baptized but her parents let her attend a private catholic school from 5th grade until graduation. Heike prays every night and considers getting baptized soon.

We plan to have our adopted child baptized, teach him or her about religion but let them make their own choices one day. Whether our child wants to participate and live a Christian life or practice a different religion, the choice will be up to him/her. We are open to all religions because the only thing that matters to us is, at the end of the day, you tried to be the best person you can be.

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