Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope that you will consider us to be your child's parents. Adoption is a beautiful and selfless gift and we are ready to share lots of love, laughter, and fun with your child. We appreciate your strong and courageous heart and look forward to the journey ahead.

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Kerry Sharla
job description
Lease Operator Speech-Language Pathologist
Associate's Degree Master's Degree
Family Activity
Family Cookouts
Family Activity
Fun at the Cabin
PieFace with Our Nieces & Nephews
Whatever We Play with Our Nieces & Nephews
Dream Job
Own a Big Ranch or Farm
Dream Job
Stay-at-Home Mom
Vacation Spot
The Beach
Vacation Spot
Any Beach
Legally Married

Favorite Vacation Spot
Celebrating Our Anniversary in Maui

We love beaches and tropical destinations but want to explore many other places and want your child to have the opportunity to see and experience as much as possible. We have a special place in our hearts for Hawaii, because we got married in Maui. We love taking family vacations with our parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and can't wait to plan the next one with our newest family members, including your child and our newest baby niece. Memories and time spent with our family is so precious to us. Experiencing the wonders the world has to offer is something we are both passionate about and want to offer your child. We love that our nephew has been to more places than both of us put together in his young life and we want to continue that tradition with our family. We love that his face lights up when he is telling us about the cool places he has been with his mom and dad on some of their solo family trips and know that this is something we want to do with your child and our family as well.

Our Life Priorities

Our family believes strongly that we would not be able to do any of the wonderful things we are afforded in this life without God's grace. We try to live every day to the fullest and embrace our individual gifts and potentials. We understand that we are not perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. We surround ourselves with positive things and positive people. We want to pursue our passions, celebrate life, and bring positive changes to the world around us. It is our desire to raise this child with the understanding that anything is possible in life. We value family, experiences, and people above things and possessions. What will last are memories we make and time we share together. It won't matter if you have the best or newest car, the biggest T.V., or the latest computer. What does matter is the impression you make on others, caring for one another, and treating everyone as you want to be treated. We wish for your child to grow up in a home filled with love, laughter, and God's grace.

What it Means to be Parents
Meeting Our Newest Niece

We believe being parents is one of the greatest gifts and privileges we are given in this life and it is not something we take lightly. We have wanted to experience the joys and challenges of parenthood for a long time now. We have prayed and believe that this child is the answer to our prayer. We understand that parenting is not always easy. We look forward to both the wonders and the responsibilities that go along with guiding this child through life. We also look forward to seeing this child grow and sharing many lessons and family traditions with this child that our families have passed on to us. Hearing your baby's first words, seeing first steps, reading stories at bedtime, the first day at school, the first time we put a band-aid on a scraped knee, or losing a first tooth are just a few of the important moments we look forward to sharing. We will cherish every moment of the journey and consider it a blessing.

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