This is a very exciting day for us because we get to introduce ourselves to you. We feel very blessed that you are reading our profile. We are looking forward to growing our family through adoption. We adopted our son and know that adoption is a wonderful gift and that children bring a type of happiness and fulfillment that is beyond compare.

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Hadlee Amy
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Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher
Juris Doctorate Degree in Law Specialist Degree in Educational Administration
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Childhood Memory
Going to Disney World with Family
Childhood Memory
Going on Vacations with My Parents and Grandparents
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What it Means to be a Parent
Visiting a Local Safety Fair

Being a parent means providing a tremendous amount of love and support for a growing child while also ensuring that the child learns respect, responsibility, and compassion. Being a parent is perhaps the most difficult job with the absolute best reward. Even when it seems like our son has been cranky for hours or upset for no reason, we never lose sight of the fact that he is ours and we love him unconditionally--even when he isn't on his best behavior. It is during these times that we have the opportunity to teach our son about patience, kindness, and respect. It is important that we do not lose our cool, because children learn from watching the adults around them. We make sure to model what we expect and help our son learn as well.

Our favorite part about being parents is watching our son experience new things. So often it is very easy to take things like going to the zoo or seeing a rabbit for granted. But watching our son see the lion for the first time or chase a rabbit in the yard for the first time was amazing. We try to capture as many of these memories as we can through pictures, but often are too busy out there running around with him to get that perfect picture. We are very involved in the memory making and are excited to continue to experience all of the new things with our children.

Education We will Provide
We Met Mater at a Car Museum

As teachers, education is very important to us. We feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that our children get the best education possible from the very beginning. We will teach the alphabet, colors, reading and counting as soon as a child is ready. The school district we live in is consistently one of the top districts in the state. We believe that a good education is one of the most fundamental things that parents must provide, and we look forward to watching a child grow and learn.

While we are teachers, we are not always in teacher mode. Amy loves to cook and is looking forward to baking birthday cakes with a child. Hadlee loves to travel and enjoys researching our destinations. He is excited to help a child find new activities and adventures.

Amy loves books and will surely instill that into a child. She has collected many children's books and board books to share with a child. She is also rather handy (something she learned from her dad). She is excited to help a child learn how to put things together and fix things.

Hadlee is naturally good at math and is able to find a fun way to teach something difficult. He looks forward to sharing his love of math with a child as well. Hadlee is also a great public speaker (something he learned from his father). He would like to pass on this skill to his children as well.

Favorite Vacation Spot
We Met Goofy at Disney World

Orlando, Florida is a definite favorite place to vacation. Both of us are huge Disney fans and we love to visit the parks and shopping areas around Disney World. We typically visit the Orlando area once per year as we go to visit Hadlee's mom who lives in South Florida. Disney Springs is a great source of fun without the over the top experiences that accompany one of the parks. We love to watch our son play in the Mickey fountain and see the character statues that are there.

We also enjoy eating at a character restaurant for either breakfast or lunch. Seeing the characters is always a highlight of our trip. We also make sure to ride the Monorail. Hadlee always enjoys the memories he has of his childhood when he rode the Monorail with his parents and brothers.

Disney World also holds a special spot in our hearts because we got engaged there. We had a wonderful evening and even got to watch the fireworks that night. The next day, we visited all four of the big parks at Disney World. We were exhausted, but to this day love to think back on that day and treasure those memories.

Disney World and the Orlando area are sure to be a future vacation spot where we will build new amazing memories with our children.

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