We appreciate your taking time with our profile and considering us as adoptive parents. This must be the biggest decision you've ever faced. It is for us too! Please know we have tried to create an accurate portrait of our life. We got married young and just had our 15th anniversary. We are fun but responsible people who are looking forward to finally raising a family.

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Joshua Cheryl
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Business Owner Physician Assistant
PhD in Chemistry Master's Degree in Medicine
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Thing to Cook
Stirfry & Rice
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Fly Fishing Guide
Dream Job
Working with Doctors Without Borders
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Family Activity
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Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Adoption helped create both our families. Two of Josh’s cousins were adopted from Korea. Josh’s aunt and uncle’s relationships with these cousins (now in their 30s) are a big inspiration for us in choosing adoption. Coincidentally, Cheryl’s two closest cousins were also adopted (domestically) in infancy. They grew up right next door! The fact of their adoption is something that was always open and normal for us. Living so close to her aunt, uncle and cousins, allowed Cheryl to see firsthand that adoption is natural. Her cousins had a happy family, but they sometimes wondered about their birth families. This was the early 1980s and their adoptions were closed. This gives her an appreciation for openness in adoption and how helpful it can be for adoptees.

We plan to tell the child as much as you want them to know, as they mature. We will explain to them that they are lucky to have extra layers and extensions of family and relatives who have always had their best interests at heart. We chose adoption because we have a lot of love for each other, we love our life and we want to share our good fortune with a child. We have always been drawn to adoption because we see how it works to create unique and special families that are meant to be.

Cultural Diversity

As a couple we have planned to welcome a child of any ethnicity, but have now found ourselves living in a town with a distinctive New England heritage and very little cultural or ethnic diversity. We want our future child to be comfortable with and proud of who they are, and so it will be imperative for us to find and give them time with other children as well as adults of their own ethnicity, if we have a transracial family. There are two larger cities one and two hours from here, where we will be able to attend cultural events, go to concerts, and interact with people from all backgrounds. We have been looking at children’s books and toys in the last couple years, and have already started buying ones that feature main characters of other races besides white, as gifts for our niece and nephews. Our child will have these as well – there are many real and imagined role models for us to help this child learn about.

If there are important traditions, stories or items from your background that you want the child this child to experience, we’ll ask you to share them with us. We believe that honoring his or her heritage in this way while supporting a child’s developing self-esteem will be the backbone of fostering this child’s confidence and identity.

Our Dogs, Jello & Posey
Our Pups

We can't imagine life without our dogs, Jello and Posey. They are the two best rescue dogs in the world. Jello is as smart as any human, watches us like a hawk, and is the first to know anything that's happening on this street. She is the alpha, and has confidence to spare. Posey is a little more cautious in her approach to life, but also a little more in tune with her protective instincts if she imagines there might be someone intruding on our space. Most of our best memories of the last 10 years seem to involve taking these two to the beach or the forest and just watching them run and love life. Jello always wants to swim and get wet, and in winter she will even hop along on top of ice floes! They are awesome little sidekicks and there is nothing better than having a dog lie on either side of you when you are home sick with a cold.

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