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Joel Melanie
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Sales Assistant
Some College - Studied Jewelry Technology Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
J.K. Rowling
Nicholas Sparks
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Type of Music
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Sport to Play
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The Way She Lights Up a Room When She Walks In
Quality about my Spouse
His Generous & Loving Heart
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TV Show
The Big Bang Theory
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Adoption in Our Lives
Joel With His Mother & Siblings

Joel is the youngest of four children. His two oldest siblings, a sister and then a brother, were adopted at birth. We've talked with them through our journey to adoption. They have both said that they feel blessed that their birth parents chose adoption to give them the loving and caring home they grew up in.

Our entire family has always been very open about the adoption stories of Joel's brother and sister. Joel's sister and her birth mother connected later in life, but sadly her birth mother has since passed away. Although she did connect with her birth mother, she does wish she knew more her biological history. This is something we wish differently for our child. As we begin our own adoption journey, we look forward to sharing our child's life with his/her birth family and keeping in contact through the years through pictures and emails as they grow.

Our entire family is supportive of our decision to adopt and they cannot wait to meet the newest member of the family!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Joel About Melanie: Melanie and I met at work. I was told by several friends that you shouldn't date coworkers, but, it was probably the best decision I ever made. I was very persistent and she finally gave in! On my first visit to meet the family, I got to see how much family meant to her. She has four Godchildren total, two of which are her niece and nephew. From the time she walked in the door they were pretty much right by her side. I could see the family become whole again just in the few minutes of being there. There are so many things about her that I love. Mostly because of her loving spirit, she lights up any room she walks into. She is very supportive of me even when I am down. She knows the right times to be silly and goofy. She will be a great mom.

Melanie About Joel: When I first met Joel, I wasn't sure we were going to click. He quickly made me realize that I was wrong. He showed me early on what a loving, generous, kind person he is. We met through our job, and even though we worked in different departments, we quickly became friends. He was always offering to help anyone that needed it. He makes me laugh all the time, it's hard to stay upset about anything, he just won't have it! I love his love for his parents and family. His eyes shine when he talks about them.

Family Traditions

Between both sides of our family, there are many traditions that we look forward to continuing with a child. Both families have large celebrations for Christmas, with decorating, lots of cooking together, baking, shopping, and sharing old holiday memories. In Louisiana, we attend many Mardi Gras parades with family and friends. For Easter, we have egg hunts, dye eggs as a family, and attend church service. Our home is overly decorated for nearly every holiday.

Other traditions involve yearly trips to the beach, trips to Arkansas for 4th of July gatherings with Joel's family, and family putt putt golf games when on vacation. We also have a New Year's Eve get together with family and close friends where we play board games and have a very competitive Wii Bowling tournament and then pop fireworks at midnight. There is also a huge spread of food for everyone to enjoy.

We look forward to sharing these and making new traditions with a child someday!

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