We believe that adoption is a gift from the Lord and to be cherished. To us, being parent's means sharing the unconditional love and respect we have for each other with our child. We want to humbly thank you and express our appreciation for even considering us as potential parents. To choose us to be your child's parents would mean more to us than words could express.

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Andy Erin
job description
Air Force Officer Substitute Teacher
Master's Degree in Aeronautical Science Master of Business Administration
Dream Job
Dream Job
Family Activity
Putt-Putt Golf
Family Activity
Putt-Putt Golf
Musical Group
Dave Matthews Band
Musical Group
Florida Georgia Line
"Learn something new every day." -My Grandma Ethel
"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -Albert Einstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her Patience
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption
Sunset on the Beach

We chose adoption to build our family after many years of trying on our own to become pregnant and after utilizing four rounds of IUI fertility treatments. We both want nothing more than to have a child to love and raise. We decided along our fertility journey that we might have to consider other options in order for us to have the family we so desperately desired. We sought out ways to educate ourselves on growing our family. We narrowed the search down to two options, IVF or adoption. We wanted to research adoption more and did so by taking a six week class offered by our church. This class not only took us through the adoption process, but also introduced us to real adoptive families who were able to share their stories. After praying about what we should do next, we felt the Lord push us away from fertility treatments and towards adoption. We took our time, talked thoroughly about what adoption would look like for us, and ultimately decided this was our path to creating our forever family.

Our Leisure Time
Being Kids on the Carousel

We really enjoy spending leisure time together; especially when we get the opportunity to just have fun. We're lucky to live in a place that offers lots of activity. We enjoy playing mini golf, bowling, swimming, and even indoor rock climbing. We have many outdoor festivals that we attend in our local community. These festivals happen year round and consist mostly of food, art, and live music. We are both excited to have our child experience many of these festivals and share with them various cultures and amazing food. We are also very blessed to have many friends and family located nearby. We often spend as much time as we can with them. Together we enjoy going to our local shopping and entertainment area to see movies, eat pretzels, and window shop. We've even been known to hop on the carousal and take a ride on cooler days. We both enjoy volunteering our time for multiple organizations. We often volunteer with the American Cancer Society, our church, and for several military functions. We believe in helping others and want to model and show our child our passions and what it means to serve. Individually, Andy enjoys weight lifting and distance running both half and full marathons. Andy is thrilled to share and teach our child that fitness can be fun. Erin enjoys her all girls dance fitness class and hosting bible study weekly. We both look forward to sharing everything we love and are passionate about with our child.

Our Family Traditions

We have many family traditions between our two families; however one of our favorite traditions was started by Erin's family when she was just a little girl. That tradition consists of watching White Christmas while decorating and putting up our Christmas tree. We try to put up our Christmas tree around December 1st, every year. We are very big on celebrating Thanksgiving so we spend the few days after Thanksgiving taking down our autumn decorations and cleaning before pulling out the mountain of boxes that holds Christmas in it. No matter whose tree we're putting up, ours or one of Erin's family members (we all try and help each other decorate); we always start by putting in Bing Crosby's classic that is White Christmas. There is just something about singing for snow that helps put our southern family in the mood for Christmas.

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