We are Simon and Ashley and are very excited to be on this adoption journey! We are an active, easy-going couple that loves to laugh and spend time with our family. We can only image what you are feeling right now, and we already think the world of you! We are honored and grateful that you are reading our profile. We love being parents and can't wait to grow our family!

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Simon Ashley
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Samuel, Isabel
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Adoption in Our Lives
We Simply Love Being Parents!

The two most important days in our lives were the day we first adopted our sweet son, Sam, and then two years later the day we adopted our sweet daughter, Isabel. Getting the phone calls that each had been born and that their birth mothers had chosen us to be their adoptive parents was like a dream. We literally ran home from work and were in the car in a matter of hours driving to the hospital after getting the calls. Being parents is the most important and amazing thing in our lives, and we haven’t looked back since. We cannot imagine a life without children. We fell in love with Sam and Isabel the first moment that we saw them, and that love grows each day. Watching Sam and Isabel grow into little people and being privileged to be their parents are such enormous blessings. We thank God every single day for their birth mothers, and we send them each regular updates. Every moment, we are humbled by their love and their choice of adoption.

Sam is a happy boy who loves to laugh and is obsessed with cars and books. Isabel is a joyous, silly girl who loves to sing and jump and is crazy about dinosaurs and baby dolls. Sam and Isabel are already affectionate and caring siblings. They share a special bond through adoption, and we are so thankful and excited to be able to grow our family this way.

Cultural Heritage
We Love to Laugh & Spend Time Together

We both come from families with strong cultural roots and diversity. It has been so rewarding to learn about each other’s cultures and to incorporate the biracial heritages of our son, Sam, and daughter, Isabel, into our family. We can’t wait to share our traditions and languages with another child, and then to incorporate his or her unique cultural heritage into our already diverse family.

Simon’s parents are from a beautiful and tropical state in southern India called Kerala. Simon was born in America, but he spent most summers with family in India. His fondest memories are running outdoors with his cousins, eating tropical fruits from his grandmother’s garden, and playing games like "carrom" (table-top shuffleboard) with his grandfather. We love to eat the flavorful foods that Simon’s mom makes, and we are learning to make them ourselves. Ashley, Sam and Isabel have even learned some phrases in the native Indian language, Malayalam.

Ashley’s family is Spanish and Italian, and she grew up eating the best paellas and pastas you can imagine! Her Italian grandmother, Nonna, always brought Ashley’s favorite tortellini and Sicilian cookies to the house, which we still love to make. Ashley lived in Spain as a baby and grew up speaking Spanish. Ashley’s Spanish grandmother, Amatxi, taught her to sing sweet Spanish lullabies, which we have already taught to Sam and Isabel. Sam and Isabel are so excited to sing them to soothe to sleep a new baby brother or sister.

Our Family Traditions

Our most important family tradition is eating dinner as a family. In Ashley’s family, growing up with her three sisters, it was sometimes hard for everybody to know what each other was up to. They started a tradition called “bests and worsts.” Each person shares the best and worst part of their day. Over time, this expanded to include something you learned and something for which you were grateful. In this way, everybody participates in each other’s lives. You also learn some very interesting things! We always make it a point to eat dinner as a family with our son, Sam, and daughter, Isabel. The other day, we asked Isabel what the best part of her day was, and she replied, "Apples!" We don’t think she even had an apple that day, but it was adorable. We can’t wait to add another sibling to our dinner table to continue this special tradition.

One of our other favorite traditions is making Saturday morning pancakes. Simon has perfected his "secret pancake recipe," and the kids join him in the kitchen to make regular-shaped pancakes and Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. Isabel had her first taste of chocolate chip pancakes this year, and she will never be the same! Sam loves this tradition so much that almost every day when he wakes up he sits up in bed and asks, "Is it pancake day?" We always have to laugh and say, not yet, buddy, but almost! We love spending this time as a family.

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