We absolutely love being parents and consider it a great honor. As parents, we want to raise a family who deeply love and support one another and who make an impact on those around us. We have always wanted a larger family and it would bring us great joy to grow our family through adoption. We can't thank you enough for taking time to read our profile.

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Josh Deidra
job description
Controls Engineer Part Time Physical Therapist
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dream Job
Dream Job
Travel Journalist
Leisure Activity
Writing Songs
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Elliot's First Beach Trip
Memory with a Child
Bringing Elliot Home
Family Movie Nights
Family Time During the Holidays
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Family Time at the Lake

On a typical day, we will spend time outside while grilling out, we will dance and sing while playing music, and we will end the day with a good book. Elliot’s favorite way to spend the day is playing outside with his trucks or riding in his ride-along car for walks in the neighborhood. If he is inside, he loves listening to music while he is jumping in the ball pit or playing with trains.

On the weekends, we like to pursue our hobbies of music, hiking, kayaking, sports, and art. We both play guitar and it is important that we share our love of music with our children and expose them to many different styles: from jazz to classical, bluegrass to electronic, and to everything in between! Being active is also very important to us and we will encourage our children to find what type of activities they enjoy the most. It may be something we enjoy such as volleyball, basketball, or tennis; or it may be something new altogether. Since we also love art, we will encourage our children to find the art that they love. It may be writing music like Josh, quilting like Deidra, or something else such as painting or design. We are so excited to share our favorite things in life with our children, but also excited to see what new favorites our children will add to that list.

Fun Facts About Us
We Love Waterfalls!

1. We are always dancing and beat boxing to music at home.

2. We love to grill out and try new recipes (Yummm!)

3. We build forts in the playroom out of sheets, chairs, and cardboard boxes for the kids, but we secretly love it the most!

4. We would love to get a beach house one day, as we both love reading on the beach!

5. We have both been skydiving and want to encourage our kids to seek all sorts of adventure.

6. Josh proposed to Deidra with a song he wrote while playing guitar.

7. We love waterfalls and have visited over 50 in the US. We cannot wait to share our love of hiking and waterfall chasing with our kids.

8. We have snorkeled with manatees and are excited to share our love of animals and nature with our children one day.

9. Music is a big part of our lives. We both play the guitar and already have a baby piano for our kids to play!

10. We love collecting books as a family and we are slowly growing our little library.

Discussing Adoption

We are so excited in the anticipation of adding another child to our family and we are proud to share their birth story with them from the beginning. Even starting with children's books, we will have the culture of adoption immersed in our home. We also are part of a church that has many adoptive families which will allow us to raise our children around other families who have grown through adoption as well. By raising our children in an environment of familiarity with adoption, we hope to create a comfortable setting for open conversations. As our child grows, we will be there for every question and discussion that they want to have about their beginning.

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