Some people dream of fancy clothes, cars and vacations. Our dreams look more like diapers, play dates and field trips. We've talked about adoption since before we married and are passionate about providing a loving, safe, happy and, yes, slightly geeky home for your baby. We look forward to learning about you and your hopes, dreams, worries and wishes for this child.

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Josh Joanna
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Software Developer Medical Librarian
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering Master's Degree in Library and Information Science
Dream Job
Dream Job
The One I Have
Eating Hamentashen
Pumpkin Picking
Memory with a Child
Playing with a Friend's Son at the Pool
Memory with a Child
Our Ring Bearer Yelling "Yuck" When We Kissed at Our Wedding
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Her Enthusiasm
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Josh Learned to Use the Laser Cutter at the Community Woodshop

In our spare time you'll find us out around town with friends, going to the pool, going to the library, cooking, sailing, skiing, or traveling to new places. We look forward to doing these activities as a family soon. Josh likes activities that are hands-on and challenging. He enjoys designing, building, and fixing small electronics at home and takes pride in being handy around the house, from installing new light fixtures to fixing broken furniture. He likes playing team sports like ultimate frisbee and can't wait to share the joys of sports with your child!

Gardening on Our Balcony

This child will grow up hearing a lot of music! Joanna plays piano and guitar to relax. When she's not playing music, she's listening to everything from Cam to Selena. She loves to figure skate and hopes to introduce this child to figure skating or hockey. Joanna also likes to trace her family history. She and her grandmother researched their family back to her 8th great-grandfather in 1725. She enjoys being the family 'storyteller' - a role she looks forward to passing on to this child. There are so many memories and stories we look forward to creating as a family.

Cultural Diversity

We're excited about possibly having a multi-cultural family through adoption. We've seen first-hand that there is so much that we can learn from those who have a different life experience than we do. The world is a diverse place and we feel it's important that our family reflect that.

Josh is from a Jewish family and Joanna is from a German family. We quickly learned that bringing together different cultures into one family came with unexpected but absolutely worthwhile challenges and surprises. We settled in a community that respects, embraces and encourages diversity and we enjoy sharing in our neighbors' different cultures. Joanna lived in Spain and hopes to share some of the Spanish culture and language with this child as well.

As curious people who enjoy learning about all aspects of other cultures, including holidays, music, stories, traditions, food, language and art, we're thrilled at the possibility of sharing the experience of learning about a child's background. No matter their heritage, we will teach them that our differences are what make us interesting, fun and special but that they are always worthy of love and respect.

Education We will Provide
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Screenwriter and actor Simon Pegg said that "being a geek is never having to play it cool about how much you like something." We're proud to be geeks. We want to teach this child to be their authentic self, to like who they are. We will nurture and encourage this child's passions and talents, no matter what they are. We want this child to grow up comfortable and confident in who they are.

Education goes far beyond school to us. We want to raise a child who will understand that they are part of a community; someone who will be the kind of person who will sit down with the boy or girl sitting alone at lunch. This starts by showing kindness, love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding to them, and to you, always.

We will give this child everything they need--but not everything that they want. For us, part of being happy in the moment is learning to recognize the joy in what is around us, and making the best of what we have. We want to help this naturally curious, happy child grow to be a resilient, authentic and happy adult.

And if they're destined to grow up to be a Nobel prize-winning, planet-saving, cancer-curing superhero, we'll do everything we can to make that happen, too.

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