"Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about." Our daily desire is to be parents again and for our son to have a sibling to love and grow with. We know the gift of adoption will fill the missing piece of our family. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and that we can fulfill the dreams you have for your dear child.

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J.T. Becky
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Life Priorities
The Angry Bird Family!

Our biggest priority in life is providing a stable, loving, and Christian upbringing for our son. We strive everyday to make sure he feels loved, understood, and safe. "I love you!", is a frequently heard statement in our home. We attend church regularly because we feel it is important that our son know he is loved by God as well. JT feels that financial stability is also an important priority in our lives. Becky handles all our finances and makes sure that we live comfortably within our means and can still travel occasionally. Another top priority in our lives is spending time with family and friends and letting them know we love and care for them. There is truth in the saying, "Everyday is a gift." We try to appreciate every moment spent with those we care about.

These priorities will be the same for our adopted child. Their well-being will be one of our main concerns. Being teachers, we have seen many children struggle due to the lack of a good home environment. We know how important it is to provide children with a structured and loving home life. Our parents and extended families provided us with a positive upbringing complete with rules, limits, and expectations. As parents we work everyday to follow the good example we were given by our families.

Education We will Provide
Wyatt's First Drum Lesson with Dad

Being public school music teachers, education is extremely important to us. Becky's cousin runs a very successful Preschool program that we will hopefully be able to enroll our child in when they are 3 years old. After Preschool, our child will be enrolled in the local school system where we both work. Becky teaches general music to grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. JT teaches instrumental music (band) to grades 6th through 12th. So between the two of us, one of us will always be a teacher for our child and be present in their education. When our son Wyatt, was diagnosed with Autism, he was placed in our local Special Education system. We have been very involved with Wyatt's education due to his special needs. We have never missed his education planning meetings and we stay in almost daily contact with his teachers since they are also our co-workers. We will be just as committed to our next child's education needs. We will make every effort to support their needs and talents as they grow in our school district and later go on to college. We look forward to watching them discover their own unique gifts through the wonderful academic, fine arts, and athletic programs offered in our schools and communities. We are fortunate to have a large university and several community colleges in our area that provide opportunities to young students of all ages.

How Adoption has Affected Us
Kid's of the Cousins at Becky's Family Reunion

We have been fortunate to experience the blessing of adoption in our extended family. Becky's cousin Jennifer adopted her two children from the country of Guatemala. Jennifer was in a horrific car accident when she was 21 years old that left her paralyzed from the chest down. She worked hard to build her life back up after this setback and once she felt her life was headed in a good direction, she decided to choose adoption to become a mom. Jennifer chose international adoption and we were all thrilled when she announced that she would be adopting a baby girl from Guatemala that she named Bailey. While waiting for Bailey to come home, our family was always anxious to get the latest pictures and details about this special girl. A few years later, Jennifer adopted her son Nathan from Guatemala and we again looked forward to every update about him. Nathan's birth mother eventually had two more children who were adopted by a family in a nearby state. Jennifer keeps in contact with them and they get together occasionally so that Nathan can know his siblings.

Without the blessing of adoption, our family would be missing these two beautiful kids. Adoption gave Jennifer a beautiful gift, the opportunity to be a Mom! Jennifer's cousin Shane adopted a baby girl through American Adoptions one year ago. We loved hearing their inspiring and successful adoption story. We look forward to having adoption bless us as it has these wonderful families.

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