We feel blessed to be able to consider adoption as a way of expanding our family. We look forward to becoming parents and helping your child navigate through life with continued love and support. We wish you courage and strength as you go through this difficult process. We would love your child to become a part of our happy, loving, and ethnically diverse family.

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Miguel Susan
job description
Locomotive Engineer Clinical Psychologist
Bachelor's Degree in History & Physical Education Ph.D. in Philosophy
Dream Job
Football Coach
Dream Job
I'm Doing It Already!
Reading & Playing Video Games
Apple Pie and Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Quality about my Spouse
Her Sense of Humor & Love of Life Inspire Me
Quality about my Spouse
His Sense of Humor
Sport to Play
Sport to Play
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities
Having Fun With Our Nephews

We both value God, family, honesty, communication, treating people with respect, helping people who are less fortunate than we are, and spending quality time with each other. We always make it a priority to laugh on a daily basis. We don't care about the superficial things in life (like having the best car or best clothes). We really try to focus on each other by spending time together and building memories. We believe it is people and the interactions with others that lead to a truly fulfilling life. We know that others are not as fortunate as we are and donate money to charitable causes and try to help others in our community who are in need of services. We can't wait for the opportunity to share our values and love with a child. We will make sure to always spend quality time with your child so that the child knows how important they are in our life.

Our Leisure Time
Enjoying a Soccer Game

We do a variety of things in our leisure time. We do spend a lot of time with each of our families and frequently see each of our families on at least a weekly basis. When we are not with our extended families, we enjoy taking our dog for walks, going to the movies, going to the zoo, bowling, playing board games and card games, and visiting our favorite ice-cream store. We love to travel and learn about people and customs of the cities we visit. We also enjoy exercise and make an effort to engage in some form of exercise a few times a week. We have some exercise equipment in the house which makes it easy for us to try and stay healthy.

We both enjoy attending soccer, football, and basketball games. The University of Arizona Wildcats is our favorite team. We usually attend the games with Miguel's parents since they are also big fans of the Wildcats. We can't wait to have your child share all of these activities with us.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Miguel About Susan: Susan's love of life and her passion for helping others have been her most admirable traits. What I most respect about her is her intelligence, strength, and willingness to give of herself. I love her laughter, smile, and thoughtfulness. Susan will make a great mother and I'm so excited to be her partner in raising a child. Susan's belief in strong family ties and traditions will create a great environment for a child to grow up in.

Susan About Miguel: Miguel is a wonderful, loving, and caring husband. He has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh. He has such a big heart and a strong work ethic. He is very generous and is always wiling to help friends and family. He is fiercely loyal to friends and family. I have seen him excel in so many different roles as a husband, son, brother, friend, uncle, cousin, engineer. I have no doubt he will also excel at being a great father.

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