In our family, adoption has always been part of our lives. John, Becky's sister, Becky's grandfather and our precious son were all welcomed with loving and open arms through adoption. To us, being a great parent means being a loving spouse, and modeling how to love and respect one another. We cannot wait to see how our family will grow through adoption again!

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Adoption in Our Lives

Adoption holds a special place in both our hearts and our extended families: John was adopted from Korea as an infant. He had a wonderful childhood growing up in the U.S. and is so very thankful to his birth mother for choosing to give him a better life through adoption.

In 2015, we received a phone call that was the beginning of an amazing journey that allowed us to adopt our first child, William (Will) Daniel. We were at the hospital when he was born, and spent time with his birth mother while she was in the hospital. It was a very special time. We are still in contact with Will’s birth mom, and we love to share the joy in watching him grow up. We are so thankful for the role she played in his life and consider it a privilege to be his parents. Words cannot adequately express the way Will has changed our lives. Each day brings so much joy, laughter, and new adventures. We can’t wait to bring another child into our family!

Becky’s sister, Vicky was adopted when Becky was seven. Vicky and Becky are not only sisters but also great friends. They make sure to schedule “sister dates” (getting massages, going to a show, or just grabbing dinner) whenever possible. Becky's paternal grandfather was also adopted at an early age. He grew up to became a children’s missionary and traveled all over the world. His influence in the family was a significant one that is missed to this day.

Our Life Priorities
Dog Sledding

Our priorities in life are God, family, and country. We believe in serving God, being thankful and remaining humble for all the blessings in our lives. Currently, we are members of a non-denominational church and volunteer every month. God’s unconditional love and grace has nurtured a healthy and stable family life.

We both believe in meals at the dinner table, having adventures, and living life together. Whether the adventure is big (dog sledding on a glacier in Alaska) or small (visiting our local zoo) we love to do it together as a family. We love both the beach and the mountains and we have both options close to our home. We are looking forward to finding seashells, building sand castles, looking for dolphins, and finding great hiking trails. Recently, John surprised us with a trip to Williamsburg. We got to explore, and take mini history trips to the Jamestown settlement. We explored an Indian village, the Jamestown fort, and Will got to see what it was like to live on a boat during the 1700’s.

Another important priority is our country. The military has provided us with friends that we consider family all over the world and we are so thankful that wherever we go, we usually have a friend. John is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and has served as a pilot for 17 years. We plan on retiring near our family when his commitment is complete.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

John About Becky: Becky’s favorable qualities are endless, but one could start with the Book of Virtues that her dad read to her every night as a child: responsibility, courage, compassion, honesty, friendship, persistence, and faith. Above all, she loves God and is a loving, caring, intelligent, hardworking, patient, wife and mother that LOVES her family! She is the glue that holds our family together; she is our rock and foundation. She is creative, energetic, and full of life. She has a very warm and tender heart, loves unconditionally, and her gift to nurture is remarkable, and I cannot imagine a more devoted mother and wife.

Becky About John: John is a wonderful husband and father. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, which most people see, but he also has a heart of compassion. He is also intelligent, fun and always up for an adventure. He holds things like integrity, loyalty, faith and family close to his heart. He is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back and will always stop and help someone in need. He is also one of the most humble men I know. He is an amazing father that always remembers to play and have fun, to be kind and patient. I cannot wait to grow old with him and the family we create.

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