We want you to know that we truly see adoption as an incredible gift and are excited, and so grateful, that you are reading our profile! Our greatest joy in life is our family and we cannot wait to love and care for this child, should we be chosen. We hope our profile brings you joy and courage. And if you were to choose us, our hearts would be full!

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Andy Katy
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Consultant Fundraising Executive
Master's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Children's Book
Harry Potter (But I Still Read Them as an Adult)
Children's Book
On the Night You Were Born
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Family Activity
Biking Around the City
Memory with a Child
Taking My Niece to Her First Movie
Memory with a Child
Dancing at Disney World with Evie
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Time of Day
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Cultural Diversity
We Can't Wait to be Parents Again!

We both grew up in suburban areas without much diversity in them, but as adults we have consciously chosen to live in urban settings with much more broad cultural mixes. We love discovering new ways of looking at the world and its challenges, while also gaining new opportunities and deeper insight than what we might reach on our own.

If given the opportunity to adopt cross-culturally, we are committed to staying the course with these choices. The truth is, we can't imagine our lives without them. A little one with a different cultural background will certainly raise the stakes on that commitment, but we think it will also help guide us in our investments of time and resources in the community in which we live.

We realize that makes it sound pretty easy, when we know in fact it isn't. We have the fortune of sharing as friends several families who have adopted across cultures and have seen their journeys first hand. We understand that there are hard moments. But we've also seen great love and great courage, from parents as well as kids, as those hard moments have been weathered together, and we're inspired to seek the same.

Our Lifestyle
Family Fun at Disney World

We are an active family! It's rare for us to go more than a few months without going on a big adventure. We love visiting family, exploring new places in the U.S. and internationally. Now that we're on the east coast, one of our favorite traditions has become a fall train ride up to NYC for fall colors and to watch the city come alive for the holidays!

Even when we're home, we're on the go! Our area is a great place for bike rides, and most warm-weather weekends find us exploring some new part of the capitol or a nearby neighborhood by pedal power! We love packing lunches and finding a "just right" spot to sit and enjoy the scenery (and maybe do some good people-watching!). About once a month we like to get out into the country, where hikes in the foothills or visiting the small town shops and eateries are favorites. We are also fortunate to live near the coast, so every few months or so we get an itch to "make a run" for the water, and maybe gobble up some seafood.

We also love all the culture that a city provides, from art museums to baseball games and plays and international dining. In particular, we love the movies! If there's one thing that gets us to slow down, it's the prospect of a movie night on the couch, or a trip to the cinema itself!

Our Professional Lives

Katy is doing her dream job and is inspired daily by those she works alongside! She helps raise critical funds so her organization can help fight sex trafficking, modern day slavery, and many other forms of injustice against poor and vulnerable women, children, and others throughout the world. Her work is challenging, but extremely rewarding, and very much aligns with our shared Christian belief in the inherent dignity of all people and our calling to fight to preserve and protect that dignity.

Andy also loves helping others. He has his Master's degree in counseling, and worked with children and families in community mental health for many years before transitioning to the business world. Now he uses his interest in people and ideas, as well his clinical knowledge, to help businesses better understand their customers. He's also discovered an entrepreneurial knack, and runs his own consultancy, which means he gets to work from home when he's not traveling to meet clients. As he likes to say, this lets him be a full-time dad on a part-time basis. It's a wonderful fit for a busy household and growing family.

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