We are grateful that you stopped by to look at our profile and hopefully consider us as parents for your child. Adoption is something we have wanted for many years now to grow our little family of two plus our dog. Our hearts are open and ready to love your baby unconditionally and to raise him or her to be a loving, respectful, and generous person.

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Markus Natalia
job description
Senior Financial Analyst Hospital Therapist
Master's Degree in Business Administration Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling
Form of Exercise
Form of Exercise
Memory with a Child
Introducing My Friend's Son to Fishing
Memory with a Child
Playing Basketball with My Younger Brother
Personal Hero
My Dad
Personal Hero
My Heart Transplant Donor
Vacation Spot
The Beach
Vacation Spot
The beach
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Beautiful Day at the Beach

Our favorite vacation spot is anywhere where we have never been before because discovery and exploration are our favorite past times. Whether it’s finding a new trail to hike, beach to stumble upon, or a city to get lost in, we like the feeling of being strangers in a new place. Sometimes we find a place we really like and make it a habit of returning there frequently. One such place is the Outer Banks beaches in North Carolina; in particular, the beaches along Cape Hatteras National Park, which offer the kind of disconnection from our daily lives we crave for inner reflection, connection to nature in its untouched beauty, and an endless supply of activities to feed our adventurous side. We look forward to the day when we can take a child along to the Outer Banks because through the eyes of a child, flat beaches turn into magical sand castles, kayaks become a world class cruise trip, and collecting hermit crabs and sea shells is suddenly the most important task on your to do list.

Education We will Provide
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

We plan to expose the child to a variety of educational resources like books, music, cultural events, sports, and trips around the country and abroad. Together we speak three languages and we plan to teach the child our native languages, German and Spanish, as well as English. In addition, we both enjoy classical music, with Markus being more the fan of orchestral chamber music and Natalia that of piano scores.

We also want to expose the child to different sports and recreational activities like soccer, ballet and swimming, which we enjoyed when we were young. Through exposure at home and in the community, we hope to pique the child’s interest in at least one of these activities as they grow older. Ultimately, the child will show us what they enjoy doing and learning as well as their talents.

We both grew up attending public school and plan to send the child to the local schools in town. Keeping a structured routine will be important for the child’s development so we will do our best to ensure this happens on school nights; however, on weekends we hope to plan fun family activities to unwind and teach the child the important role that leisure plays in our family’s work and life balance.

Discussing Adoption

We plan to tell the child that he/she is adopted as soon as we bring him or her home and get them accustomed to the word “adoption.” As they grow older, we will explain more details and tell them they grew in your tummy and that you loved him or her very much but were unable to care for him or her and needed to find a new home that would be safe and loving. We also think that telling the child that we had been unable to give birth ourselves is necessary, and that through faith and the will of God we were led to him or her. We will offer more details as the child grows up and asks more questions, and encourage him or her to participate in the selection of the pictures and other correspondence we will be sending to you. We will remain open to his or her questions and allow him or her the space and time to decide if they want to reach out to you personally.

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