Hi there! We are ecstatic to meet you! We hope that you enjoy learning more about us through our adoption profile! We are a fun-loving, Midwestern couple that cannot wait to share our lives with a little one. We are extremely grateful that you've taken time to view our information.

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Nate Harper
job description
Museum Executive Director Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Doctoral Degree in American History Master's Degree in Social Work
Disney Movie
Disney Movie
The Little Mermaid
Working with Horses
Leisure Activity
Leisure Activity
Relaxing on the Deck and Grilling
Quality about my Spouse
Quality about my Spouse
Witty Personality
Vacation Spot
Vacation Spot
Florida Gulf Coast
Legally Married

What it Means to be a Parent
Always Laughing

We are in love with the idea of being parents. We would adore nothing more than to raise a child and have a family. We want to raise a child that will someday change the world: a child that will become a good friend, colleague, and community member. We plan to devote ourselves to growing as parents and providing a child with the best, most well rounded experiences possible. We cannot wait to share the love that we have for each other with a child. We want to make a child the center of our universe and include them in our day-to-day lives. We look forward to watching a child grow and learn. We look forward to celebrating achievements, empowering growth and promoting individuality. We both look forward to sharing our hobbies and passions with a child. We can’t wait to take family vacations, take photos together, celebrate milestones and form new traditions. It means the world to us to be able to complete our family through adoption and would be honored to have the opportunity to share our lives with a child.

Life Priorities
Exploring the Local Zoo

Family and commitment are the utmost priorities in our lives. We value honesty, integrity and character. We work hard to make ourselves available to friends and family when they need support. We remain active and surround ourselves with individuals that encourage and uplift us. Truly, we are only a strong couple because of the strong support and love that we’ve received and continue to receive. We both appreciate and endeavor to work hard, though also work equally as hard to balance ourselves and make time to recharge. We strive to value the “small things” that make life so beautiful and precious.

Leisure Time
Chilly Day in Tiger Stadium

We both enjoy volunteering our time at a local equestrian center. Harper takes riding lessons and works with several of the horses at the facility. Nate assists with the wagon-driving program, working with the draft horses that live at the facility. Additionally, we both enjoy attending draft horse shows around the country.

We also like to immerse ourselves in our city and the local culture. We try to take part in all of the fun events that happen around our metro area. We often visit the local farmer’s market, parks, local fairs, and music festivals. We are fortunate to live in a large metro area that has many free events that are family-friendly. We both enjoy riding our bikes and are fortunate to have exceptional bike trail system at our disposal. We also have several local pools and well-kept parks.

When at home, we are often reading, playing board games, cooking, working in the yard or relaxing and grilling on the deck. In the winter, we love to curl up by the fireplace and watch a movie. We hope to share all of these activities with a child, though we also hope to value the individual interests of our child, as well.

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