Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, our lives, and the family we hope to have. With the support of our family and friends, we are ecstatic to become first-time parents. Family is our top priority in life, and that will continue when we have the amazing opportunity to raise a child. We look forward to sharing our home, heart, and humor with a little one.

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Chris Jessica
job description
Maintenance Electrician Math Lab Administrator/ Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Professional Training Master's Degree
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Disney Movie
Monsters, Inc.
Family Activity
Family Activity
Dream Job
Building Race Cars
Dream Job
Being a Mama
Quality about my Spouse
Her Laugh
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience
Apple Picking
Camping in the Summer
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
White Water Rafting with Family

We spend most of our leisure time with friends and family for holidays, celebrating birthdays, visiting attractions, and having game nights. When we are not visiting with family or hosting a get-together, we have a variety of hobbies. While Jessica loves photography, crafting, and baking, Chris likes to woodwork, garden, cook, and build and fly radio control planes. Our hobbies are very relaxing, and they help keep us centered. We also enjoy many of the same things, like traveling, camping, and games.

Chris’s extended family takes big trips to new places every couple of years, and we have been able to join them on trips to Maine and to Tennessee. Our first trips were camping trips, and we have enjoyed camping throughout the years. We enjoy pitching our tent and cooking all our meals over the fire. We share the same goal of visiting all 50 states in our lifetime! Sharing our love of travel with a child would give them a wonderful opportunity to learn about our country. We can imagine our family doting on a child during our many visits with them. Jessica can envision watching Chris teach a child about tools and plants, and Chris knows that Jessica will take a ton of pictures of our daily outings and a little one’s many firsts. We will both enjoy teaching a child how to make different family recipes, since we both love to be in the kitchen.

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

We plan to be open and honest with a child, to always have a child know his or her story, and if possible, know his or her birth family. Having access to information and hopefully, to you, a child would not be left to wonder about their origins and would be able to ask any burning questions he or she may have over the years. We would like to create a book, like a baby book, that would contain how a child joined our family, including pictures and details about you. Reading this book throughout a child’s youth would make sharing his or her story routine and would give a child the opportunity to ask any questions. We plan to tell a child about all the people that love him or her and would welcome questions and support him or her in finding the answers to those questions. If possible, we would love to exchange pictures, letters, and children’s artwork to help facilitate a lifelong relationship.

Our Pets
Oreo Loves the Snow

Our dogs and cats bring so much comfort and joy to our daily lives. We both always had pets growing up, so we cannot imagine our home without them. Each one has his or her own unique personality which often leads us to laughter. While our dogs, Ellie and Oreo, are relatively docile, they love a good game of chase or tug of war. Ellie is the celebrity when we go out with her. Everyone falls in love with her snaggletooth grin! Oreo loves playing in the snow and mothering her toy puppy. We love playing with them but also enjoy snuggle time on our couch. Our youngest cat, Digit, may be over 5 years old, but she is a kitten at heart. She is always playing! Our two older cats, Joe and Baby, are outgoing, enjoy sunning themselves outside, and love a good scratch on the head. They have all spent significant time around our young cousins, and they are always gentle with children. They will make great companions and protectors!

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