Hi! We're Joseph and Silas. We're responsible and fun-loving folks (think toothbrush karaoke), and we are absolutely thrilled to include a child in our adventures. We are ready to receive the blessing of adoption, and we hope our offer is a blessing for a great birth family out there!

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Silas Joseph
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Nurse Physician
Master's Degree Doctor of Medicine
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Memory with Spouse
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Life Priorities
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Being good people is our #1 priority, and we strive to do so in every aspect of our lives. We are both in caring professions (a nurse and a doctor), so we take care of people every day. We also stand up for what we believe in, we are advocates for people and the environment. We make sure to always be there for our friends and family when they need support. We hope to one day instill these values in our child.

Our child will grow up in a loving, dynamic household with two parents who are (so very) ready to share their lives! We will teach our children morals, but also help them discover what is important to them. We will learn from our children, as they see and experience the world differently from us. We will teach them to be good people, and we will help them achieve their dreams. We cannot wait to grow our family and share our love with a child!

Cultural Heritage
With Our Family in London

We are quite a mix! Joseph was born in the Philippines, to a Spanish and Filipino mother, and an Indian father. Silas was born to French and Irish parents, transplanted from Canada. As our parents have gotten remarried, now we have step-family that are Dominican and English/Native American. If you’re confused and/or overwhelmed, don’t worry! The point is, wherever our child comes from, we will be proud to explore and celebrate their heritage. We have friends of many colors and backgrounds, so our kid will fit right in!

Discussing Adoption

We would love for our child to know who you are (as long as you are comfortable with that). Friends of ours, who have adopted twice, keep pictures of their children’s birth parents in their bedrooms - We think that’s awesome! There is a special bond between a child and the birth parents, but also between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. We look forward to meeting you, and building a relationship between us. Our child will be grateful and proud of you, and we hope they will be able to express that directly!

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