We're Jeff and Marybeth and we are excited to introduce you to our family. Our home is filled with laughter, adventure and love! From the moment we adopted our son, we fell in love with him, and together we are anxious to welcome another little one into our family. We are humbled and grateful that you would consider us to be parents to your child and would be honored to make this journey with you.

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Jeff Marybeth
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Merchandise Planning Manager Inventory Planning Retail Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Finance Bachelor's Degree in International Business
Memory with a Child
Taking Our Son Home From the Hospital
Memory with a Child
The First Time I Held Our Son
Chocolate Cake
Skiing, Woodworking, Photography
The Martian
Star Wars
Musical Group
Pearl Jam
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Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Our Happy Family

Adoption is incredibly important in our lives because in 2015, we adopted our son, Elijah. After struggles with infertility, we chose adoption as the way to grow our family. We are so thankful we made this choice because we cannot imagine life without Eli. We are so in love with him! He is such a blessing in our lives, and we are amazed and grateful at the journey that led us to him. We have had so much fun these past few years and we are all very excited to have a little brother or sister join our family!

We know our life is only as happy as it is because of the decision Eli's birth mother made to choose us to raise him. When we tell Eli about his adoption, we explain that his birth mother's circumstances did not allow her to raise him, so she carefully chose a family that would love him endlessly and provide him with a great life. We will discuss adoption as openly and honestly with a second child. In our experience with adoption, we truly believe it is the ultimate gift anyone could give. We've experienced so much joy and unconditional love through adoption, and we cannot wait to complete our family with another child.

Our Lifestyle
Snowshoeing in Utah

While we love family time, we also have individual interests we look forward to sharing with our children. Jeff is a sports enthusiast, a budding carpenter, enjoys taking pictures and just loves to be a big kid and have fun. Marybeth cooks our meals, loves to bake and do lots of arts and crafts with our son. We look forward to embracing and encouraging all of our children's interests as they grow as well!

We are a very active family with a passion for nature and the outdoors. We love to travel and explore some of our favorite spots from warm sandy beaches to the beautiful snowy mountains. We enjoy living in an area where we can appreciate the changing of the seasons and participate in a wide variety of seasonal activities. In the winter we enjoy skiing, sledding and building snowmen. In summer we relish long days swimming at the pool, hiking, grilling out, biking, or just playing in our yard and neighborhood for hours on end.

We value connecting as a family and we love spending time together, whether it is trying new things, discovering new places, or enjoying simple activities at home. We have dedicated ourselves to building a family filled with laughter, love and happiness

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is to love your child, unconditionally, forever. We also promise to never forget that you will love your child forever, as you are his/her first mommy. Our future child will know of their special beginning, and you will hold a special place in our family always. We promise to give your child a fun childhood ... vacations, pool time in the summer, skiing in the winter, playdates with friends, and any other activity or sport he or she wants to participate in.

We promise your child will know they are loved every day ... constant hugs, kisses, and I love you's. We will always use encouraging words and let them know we're listening. We promise your child will understand how special they are, and how special you are for giving them the wonderful life they will live.

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