Being parents has been a wonderful experience and our biggest blessing. We have so much love and laughter in our family and want to share it with another child. Adoption has greatly touched our lives on a personal level. We have always known this is the right way to grow our family. We are really looking forward to the miracle of this journey ahead. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile!

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Mike Tara
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How Adoption has Affected Us Personally
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Tara’s older, African American sister, Michelle, was adopted at the age of 5 months. Growing up in biracial family had challenges, but the opportunities and blessings far outweighed the challenges. Tara is aware of the questions that can arise with having a biracial family. She has witnessed first-hand that being open and honest within the family construct is vital to having trust and a strong family bond. The positive impression adoption has had on Tara and her family is evident to all those who are close to them.

Mike has also embraced Tara and Michelle's relationship. He understood the beneficial influences they have made on one another. When we decided to marry, it was an obvious choice for Michelle to perform the ceremony. Mike also quickly became the favorite uncle to all Michelle's children. Because of our many relationships and exposure to adoption, early in our relationship we knew we were going to pursue the path of adoption to grow our family.

As with any family, we are excited for the enriched love and affection new family members bring. Making the tough decision to allow another family to raise, care and love your child is something we will hold in a positive light. We plan to talk about adoption openly and honestly with our family, friends and most importantly, the child. We intend on messaging the courage, gratitude and faith it took to make this difficult decision.

How We Met
Taking a Walk Around a Florida Mall

We met while attending a small college in Florida. Mike played basketball and some of his teammates were in Tara’s classes. We were acquaintances for years until we started working together at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where we became good friends. We started dating and within a few months, fell in love. It was not long before Mike ended up getting an opportunity to work for the Federal Government in the DC area, and Tara was also able to find an opportunity working in the Space Industry outside of DC.

As many do in the DC area, we moved to a suburban town in Virginia. Prior to having children, we traveled often to places in the United States and internationally, which helped us grow as a couple and taught us to appreciate the many things this world has to offer. After 4 years of dating, Mike proposed to Tara at a vineyard in a private setting. We were married in Tara’s hometown by her adopted sister. During the ceremony, her dedication to us as a couple was very sentimental and something we will always cherish. She was the perfect person to unite us in marriage and initiate our journey together as a couple. Since then, we had our twins who have brought even more love and light into our household. We love each other, the life we have together and the friends and family with which we surround ourselves.

Life Priorities
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At the start and end of every day – and all the time in between – we put our children and family first. We are both committed to our professional careers, but we know everything pauses when our family members have an unmet need. This may mean catching an unexpected flight to Florida to check on an aunt or parent, or taking many days off of work to wipe noses and refill water bottles for the twins. It’s our priority.

Children bring such happiness and love; it’s easy to put them first. We try not to take for granted the simple, everyday experiences because almost every moment you can catch them learning or experiencing something new.

We always fill our time with many fun family-friendly activities. As an example, our children are enrolled in regular swim lessons, which we both attend because we find such joy in watching them progress and develop each week. Our free time and weekends are filled with trips to the pools and the playgrounds in our neighborhood. A few times a week all the local kids, ranging in ages from one to ten play together on our safe street that is tucked back in a corner of the development. There are water balloon fights, soccer lessons, basketball hoops, games and most importantly, birthday parties! Going to parties is one of their favorite things.

We are happy our children take first priority in our life. We are excited for the many positive and love-enriched experiences ahead of us.

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