Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a little better! If given the chance, we will provide your child with endless love, stability, fun, laughter and hugs. From the moment we adopted our son, we fell in love with him, and we cannot wait to become parents again. We admire you for considering adoption and would embrace the chance to walk through this journey with you.

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Chris Mitzi
job description
Global Account Manager Medical Education Coordinator
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Disney Movie
Mary Poppins
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Family Activity
Riding Bikes
Family Activity
Playing at the Park
Memory with a Child
The First Time Colin Called Me "Daddy"
Memory with a Child
The First Time I Held Colin
Quality about my Spouse
Her Beautiful Smile and Love of Life
Quality about my Spouse
His Giant Heart
Sports Team
Houston Astros
Sports Team
Kansas City Royals
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
Enjoying a Baseball Game

Our lifestyle is pretty easy going. We love spending time with our son, family and friends. We enjoy good food, traveling and fun activities, such as football and baseball games, art and music.

In Mitzi's free time, she volunteers at a children's hospital and loves it. She began several years ago as a volunteer in their NICU where she was able to hold and rock the babies to sleep. She is now on their fundraising committee and has had great success planning events and raising money for this incredible cause. Growing up, Chris was very active in sports. Currently he is an avid golfer. He is an incredible cook and makes the most delicious Italian feasts and the best BBQ.

Our lifestyle with our son is very loving, encouraging and fun! Chris is such a wonderful father. He will teach this child about the importance of education, good sportsmanship and compassion for others. He cannot wait to coach soccer, little league, or whatever interest your child may develop. Chris is also excited to take your child skiing, fishing, hiking and camping. Mitzi is the most amazing Mom. She will nurture and adore this child, guide him or her to the right path and teach him or her about the joys of life. She already has Mommy-and-Me classes and fun trips planned, such as the first trip to the beach, children's museum, baseball games and the zoo.

Our Most Memorable Moment
We're So Excited to be Adopting Again

Our most memorable moment was the moment we met our son and his birth parents! We remember everything like it was yesterday.

We received a call that we had a potential match with a birth couple, but they would like to meet us over the phone first. We were so excited and nervous. We talked for about 45 minutes and fell in love with each other immediately. She was due in a couple of weeks and didn't know the sex of the baby yet. We kept in contact with them via email every day until she went into labor. When we received the call she went to the hospital, we jumped on a plane immediately! We couldn't wait to meet them and the baby! We arrived in their hometown at 7 pm one night and Colin was born the next morning. When we got to the hospital she asked if we were ready to meet the baby and we yelled "YES!" with so much excitement.

That was the very moment that changed our lives forever! We met the most beautiful and perfect baby boy! We held him and rocked him in the chair for hours while talking with the birth couple. We all got to know each other so well. We still communicate with the birth couple and we love to hear and see pictures of how everyone is doing.

How We Met

We first met while skiing at the lake where our mutual friends introduced us to each other. We hit it off from the beginning! After a couple months of dating though, we decided to be friends. It was hard to see each other because both of us were traveling so much for work. We cared deeply for each other, but it just wasn't the right time.

A few months later, we saw each other again at the same mutual friend's wedding. It was like we never stopped dating. We had so much fun talking, laughing and dancing together. We knew from that night on we would be together forever. It sounds so cliche, but it is true. Our friends who introduced us to each other like to take all the credit.

Two years later we were married in Mitzi's home town. During that two year courtship we not only fell more in love with each other, but we also fell in love with each other's families. We have now been married for 10 years and are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives!

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