We're Adam and Camille from Nebraska! Some people's dream in life is to be famous, ours is to be parents. We can't begin to know the dreams of your heart and the wish you have for your child, but we hope you will consider us as adoptive parents. Thank you for taking this brave first step for you and your child's future.

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Adam Camille
job description
Soybean Operator/Producer Publisher/Graphic Artist
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree in Advertising
Motorcycles & Skiing
Art & Photography
Family Activity
A Day at the Water Park
Family Activity
Holiday Tradition
Sharing What We're Thankful For on Thanksgiving
Holiday Tradition
Family Fishing Trip on Easter Weekend
Type of Music
Alternative Rock
Type of Music
Alternative Rock
Dream Vacation
Jamaica or Fiji
Dream Vacation
Bora Bora
Legally Married

What it Means to Become Parents
With Our Nephew

Watching our brothers and sisters raise their kids, we are convinced that parenting is the toughest job there is, but nothing means more to us than having a family. To us, parenting means putting our child's needs before our own, so they can be safe, happy, supported and loved. It means being patient with them, answering their questions, and teaching them to know right from wrong. It also means being kind and setting a positive example for them, so they can make good choices in life. We will love this child unconditionally, and make parenting decisions together as a couple that are consistent and fair.

As first-time parents, what we expect to like most about being parents is watching our child discover and learn to do new things, and then seeing pure joy on their little faces when they figure something out. Education is dear to our hearts and important for every child. Through Camille's work at the local college, this child will have access to a tuition-free college education and a leg-up on learning valuable life skills. Our greatest privilege will be to be loved and needed by a child, and to give them confidence in themselves as they follow their dreams.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Adam is a high school wrestling champion and 2-year letter winner for the University of Nebraska. Now, he coaches wrestling.
  • As a graphic designer, Camille has published several books, including a wildlife book, a Nebraska history book, and two cookbooks. She also enjoys photography.
  • Camille is a fisherwoman, and caught a 5 lb. bass when she was only five years old.
  • Adam can impersonate Donald Duck, and can do other entertaining sound effects like a leaky faucet and a gobbling turkey. Our nieces and nephews giggle like crazy!
  • Adam is an ice cream addict. He demands ice cream at least three times a week!
  • Adam loves skiing and hits the ski slopes with his friends at least once a year.
  • Camille has ridden in a glider plane, which is flown by thermal wind instead of an engine.
  • Adam grew up on a farm, and knows how to run a wheat threshing machine that was used by farmers over a hundred years ago.
  • We both love camping, and we pick a new place to vacation every year with our puppy dogs, Simon and Maxwell.
  • Our Individual Strengths
    We Always Have Fun Together!

    Camille would say that Adam is hard-working, and finishes what he starts. He is loyal to her, his friends, and family, bending over backward to help when they need a good friend. People are drawn to him for his fun sense of humor and positive outlook on life. He's big on hugs and is very comfortable around kids because he's taught elementary education and coached wrestling. Wrestling is a sport of endurance and staying positive, win or lose. Adam will be incredibly patient with this child because he knows every kid is unique and needs individual attention.

    Adam would describe Camille as soft-spoken and kind-hearted, and she puts her family first. She can make a normal day extra special for a child because she's creative and has a great imagination. She's an excellent listener and can sense when someone is going through a difficult time, making it easy for her to help and encourage a child. Through her work at the local college, she's passionate about mentoring college students interested in art and design, and she has a way of making kids feel special.

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