We have been dreaming of welcoming a second child into our family and we are filled with joy as we begin this process. Our home is filled with lively music, delicious food, and abounding love. We value and respect your courageous and loving decision to consider open adoption- our hearts truly go out to you. We look forward to meeting you, learning about your dreams for your baby, and welcoming you into our family.

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D'ror David
job description
Clergy Person: Rabbi Clergy Person: Cantor
Master's Degree in Religion Ph.D. in Religion
Family Activity
Taking Our Son to the Zoo
Family Activity
Cooking Together & Making a Big Mess in the Kitchen!
Knitting, Playing Guitar
Quality about my Spouse
His Creativity & Musicality
Quality about my Spouse
His the Kindest Person I Know - & the Best Listener
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Dream Vacation
African Safari
Dream Vacation
Touring Around Europe
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
At the Park With Matan's Birth Grandparents

Our precious son, Matan, came to us through the incredible blessing of open adoption. The relationship with Matan’s birth family felt like magic from the start. As we talked with his mother and her family, even before his birth, we felt that we had so much in common and we knew how this baby was already so deeply loved. Matan’s family has become our family and we have become theirs. We exchange messages on social media, skype, talk on the phone, exchange gifts, and enjoy visits. He cuddles in the blankets his grandmother knit him and revels in their affection.

As a family, we believe in openness and honesty. No secrets. We speak to our son openly about his adoption and make sure that he knows that this decision was made with love and courage. We let him know, often, that it was his mother’s unending love which enabled us to become a family. It was because she loved him so much that she made this choice. In the past we know that adoptions were often shrouded in secrets, but we feel no such need. Children thrive on honesty and love. The more love the better.

Cultural Diversity
A Sunny Day Out as a Family

We are parents of an African American son and take seriously what it means to raise a strong Black man. Certainly we provide our son with the same experiences we would want any child to be exposed to: art and music, education and spirituality, family and friends, sports and fun. And, at the same time, as a interracial family, we understand an extra layer of responsibility to ensure that our son is mentored by Black adult role models and is in community with other African American friends and classmates. In addition to taking delight in our own Black friends and family members, we have taken care to choose our neighborhood, our schools, and our leisure activities in a manner which ensures that we are integrated into a diverse environment.

The truth is that we believe all children thrive when they are surrounded by people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, etc. The way we grow best as humans is to befriend and learn from many different people. As an interracial family, we take that value and live it each day, consciously choosing the paths which will give our son a sense of rootedness, pride, courage, and hope. We look forward to providing our new son or daughter with those same values, experiences, and vital relationships so that s/he too can thrive.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Disneyland Trip!

D'ror About David: I fell for David the first time I heard him sing a prayer. The beauty of his voice and the power of his spirituality moved me then and still does. Matan adores his Abba (Daddy in Hebrew). David and Matan sing together, cook together, and pretend to be dragons storming a castle of blankets. I believe David will become an even more amazing Abba as we welcome a new baby into our hearts!

David About D'ror: D’ror is the most thoughtful and considerate person I have ever met. D’ror brings his open heart to every encounter. D’ror is an incredibly devoted Papa. He is the first to get down on the floor with Matan to make a parade of animals, race cars, or bang on his piano. He is a gentle nurturer, a fierce advocate, and endlessly patient. Seeing the two of them laugh, cuddle, and play together is the greatest joy of my life!

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