We hope that this is the first of many times that we get to tell you how thankful we are that you have taken the time to get to know us and our family! We have built our family on trust, love, laughter, passion and exploration and hope that we get the opportunity to continue building it with a little one. You have already been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be as this journey progresses.

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Nick Megan
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Head College Baseball Coach Pharmacist
Master of Business Administration Doctor of Pharmacy
Taking Photos
Quality about my Spouse
She is Genuine
Quality about my Spouse
The Way He Makes Me Laugh
Musical Group
Dave Matthews Band
Musical Group
Florida Georgia Line
Sports Team
New York Giants
Sports Team
St. Louis Cardinals
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What It Means to Become Parents
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Being a parent to us is the ultimate mixture of being a teacher, a protector and a mentor wrapped up with unconditional love. For us it is something that we have hoped and dreamed for a very long time. We have always pictured our lives with the blessings of children. The opportunity to have a family and create the bond to help a child grow into their best self is an honor that we hope to receive. Our lives revolved around family from day one. The responsibility that is associated with being a parent will be the most important priority that we have in our lives. This is a forever commitment and we cannot wait to begin this journey!

Qualities We Admire in Each Other
All Smiles

Nick About Megan: Since day one of our relationship, family has been the top priority for us. Our entire life revolves around spending time with one another, having dinner at home as often as possible, and putting one another above the other. We know that when our family grows this will hold true. Our child will hold top priority in our life. We also hold honesty and trust as very important characteristics. We value education and learning. It is our goal that our house be filled with laughter and learning and love.

Megan About Nick: Nick is the most loyal, fun-loving, man that I have ever met. The moment he walked into my life I was forever changed. He keeps me laughing with his jokes, keeps me smiling by dancing to music while we make dinner, and holds me close after a tough day. He is my absolute everything. He pushes me to be a better me and together we have lofty goals to live life to its fullest and experience love on a daily basis.

Our Family Traditions
Ready for the Lobster Boil!

We have many family traditions ranging from cutting down a real Christmas tree to "Pie Nights" on Fridays (eating a pizza pie, apple pie, etc.). Our favorite tradition is dinner every evening. Gathering around the table and discussing the day that has passed is one of our favorite times of the day. Every summer in late July, we gather up all of our friends for a huge lobster boil – a New England tradition. Baseball season is a busy time of year for us – lots of travel, games to attend, snacks to make for the players, and we always take a week of vacation after the season is over. This has ranged from a simple visit to family that we have missed, to relaxing on the beach, to a lovely stay-cation catching up on all the hikes that we have been eyeing all winter long.

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