Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We are a fun-loving Christian couple that enjoys spending time together. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and to choose us would mean everything to us. We have been praying for you and hope that you find peace and God's will in this time of your life.

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Kyle Cassie
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Business Analyst Operations Director
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Playing Video Games With Our Nephews
Memory with a Child
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Musical Group
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Adoption in Our Lives
Enjoying the Fall Weather

Cassie's Story: Adoption is what made me who I am today. My biological father left my mom shortly after I was born. About a year later my mom met Gary and once they got married he adopted me. Since the minute he walked into my life he has accepted, loved and cared me as his own daughter.

My dad instilled confidence in me and provided guidance and still does to this day. Growing up having breakfast together was how we both got our day started and we still have that tradition twice a week. This time each week is special and gives me the opportunity to talk to him about what is going on in my life and learn how is golf game is going.

Growing up I always knew that I was adopted and it was not a secret. I speak with my biological father from time to time and I am still close with my biological father's family. My mom always made an effort to ensure they were a part of my life. I am close to my grandmother, aunts, uncle and cousins. We talk or text several times a month.

I hope that I can use my personal experience to help our child understand adoption and how loved they truly are.

Our Leisure Time
Enjoying the Player's Championship

Because we both work full time jobs, time together is a priority. We love sports and take advantage of attending sporting events of all kinds. Our favorites are professional football games (Go Jags!), US Men's Soccer and The Players Championship. We also enjoy cooking together and helping with our church youth group.

We are both into fitness and try to stay healthy. Kyle enjoys lifting weights in our home gym, while Cassie goes for a run or plays tennis. We also enjoy going for hikes near our home or swimming in the pool in our backyard.

Even though we like to live an active life, some of our best days are just hanging out at home. You can usually find Kyle playing video games and Cassie doing some sort of crafting. Movie nights are also a favorite activity, especially when there are movie snacks involved!

We know that our leisure time will change when we have a child, but are ready and excited for the new adventures that are coming our way.

Our Family Traditions
Christmas Day Date

Over the course of our marriage we have created some fun family traditions. Every Sunday night we end the weekend by having Food Network Sunday. This has been a fun way to relax and spend some quality time together before the business of the week begins.

We also have several traditions that revolve around the holidays. For Thanksgiving we enjoy hosting family and friends. Every year for Christmas we like to take a day off work for a "day date" to go and pick out a ornament with the year on it. In the future this day can include visits with Santa! We also bake and decorate cookies.

Another tradition we have is eating dinner with Cassie's parents once a week. Spending quality time with them is important. Life gets busy and it is very important to set aside time with the ones we love just to catch up and laugh.

Family traditions are so important because it creates belonging and security. Cassie remembers as a child sitting down to dinner every night with her parents and Kyle remembers the annual vacations his family took. When we were younger these things did not seem to be a big deal, but looking back they were important times in our lives and helped us grow into the people we are today. We look forward to seeing how our list of family traditions grows as well add to our family.

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