Thank you for choosing to learn about us! We are Jeremy and Sheila and we are parents to our son, Finn, and have always wanted to grow our family through adoption. We have a loving home with goals to raise our children to have purposeful lives, attaining their dreams. We thank you for considering us.

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Jeremy Sheila
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Holding Finn as He Looked Up at Me with Big Eyes Saying "Daddy"
Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
Cousin Love!

Our nephew was adopted at birth by Sheila’s brother and sister-in-law. He is the second grandchild to come along and has been a bright light in our family since the day he came home. Our children have a very close relationship. They look forward to every visit with each other, sometimes planning months ahead, and talking about their trips for weeks after. We have always discussed adoption for our family. Watching them raise their family, and adopt their son, has made us more certain in our choice for adoption.

Our family has given us recommendations to help us prepare for another child including books to read, websites to view and their own personal experiences. We have also had many discussions regarding what it means to be a transracial family. This includes making sure we are surrounded by a loving community that embraces diversity and our family as a whole. Their journey has been a great source of inspiration throughout this process.

Cultural Diversity

We plan to embrace cultural diversity, teaching our children the importance of diversity, respecting one another and celebrating each other and our differences. We will do this by leading our lives in a manner that celebrates cultural diversity. We will expand our family into a larger multiracial community. This includes our home traditions and activities, as well as seeking out diverse opportunities offered in our hometown such as taking them to the museum and local ethnic festivals.

Cousin Time

For us as parents, this also means reading books and articles about transracial adoption. We will also use our resources for any questions that may come up, to help guide us to stay on a path that is culturally aware. We want our children to be comfortable with themselves. We also feel keeping in touch, through email, with you is extremely important as the child may have questions as they grow up.

Education We will Provide
Best Friends

We both come from families that value education. Our families instilled in us a hard work ethic in school, encouraging us to go as fast as we could. We have both been fortunate enough to attain our career dreams. Our hope now is to provide a quality education that also incorporates virtues of faith. Education comes from many experiences in life and we plan to be active in our children’s community as well as helping them to become responsible citizens. Being involved in projects that help others is a good way to learn about the needs of others. As the children find their special interests, we hope to encourage them to pursue that decision and to help them learn all they can about themselves as well. Our goal is to help support them with their dreams through education and for our children to achieve the highest level of education possible in their chosen field.

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