The decision to adopt was the start to growing our family that we have long wanted. This adventure has been beyond exciting so far and we cannot wait to be parents and provide a child with all of our love. We thank you allowing us to join this journey with you and hope that you look to see what we have to offer your child.

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Bret Shane
job description
Operations Manager/Paramedic Certified Hemodialysis Technician
Currently Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Some College - Studied Health
Dream Vacation
To Go On a Safari
Dream Vacation
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Trick-or-Treating With Our Nieces & Nephews
Any Scary Movie! My Favorite Genre
Quality about my Spouse
He is Spontaneous
Quality about my Spouse
His Patience & Thoughtfulness
Legally Married

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Bret & His Siblings

Cultural diversity is so important to us, especially since we are a diverse couple and Bret comes from a blended family; his step-brother is bi-racial, half African American and half Caucasian. Growing up Bret and his step-brother, who are only 6 days apart, were like twins; they did everything together.

We will do our very best to maintain the culture and ethnic identity of the child by exposing them to as many experiences as possible and making sure that their birth culture/ethnicity is incorporated into their lives as much as possible. We also think it is very important that the child is exposed to many different cultures as they grow up and that they know just how diverse the world we live in is; that is what makes it so great! Being that we come from a diverse family and live in a well-diversified community, exposure to the child’s culture/ethnicity and the diversity of the world will be easily done through family gatherings and community events. We will also use books and toys to expose them to their culture/ethnicity and as many others as possible.

Our Leisure Time
Bret & Tinley

We both value our leisure time greatly. We see this as a time to spend with one another, friends, and family. We look forward to the many family gatherings we have from holidays to birthdays. We especially look forward to our weekly game night we have with family, playing everything from Uno Attack to Skip Bo.

Shane's Art

Bret loves to cook and bake in his leisure time, especially baking. We once made a 3-tiered superhero cake for one of our nephews! It took us nearly 8 hours, but we had a lot of fun doing it.

Shane enjoys art in his leisure time, especially acrylic painting. He has also just started to take a huge interests in photography.

Together we both love to play with Tinley, our English bulldog, boating, and taking spontaneous road trips. We cannot wait to have a child join us during these times!

We Welcome an Open Adoption

We have both always pictured ourselves having a family and have wanted children for as long as we can remember. These feelings were even more so as our nephews and niece were brought into our lives and we were able to care for them and love them. Not long after falling in love we began thinking about starting our own family together. Adoption is one of the few options that will allow this to happen. We now know adoption is the right option for us to begin the journey of starting our family and we cannot wait, and neither can our families and friends!

We welcome an open adoption. That being said, we are willing to keep it as open as you are comfortable with. This would include pictures, letters, and even visits. By having an open adoption we hope our child will feel connected to his/her birth family, especially as they get older and become curious as to where they came from. Also, we hope that an open adoption will be able to provide comfort and security to you in knowing that your child is being taken care of and has a good life.

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