We believe in the sacred role of parenting a child in a safe, nurturing environment filled with love, trust, and respect which encourages him or her to develop into a well-balance, intelligent, and loving individual. We are so excited to begin the adoption journey and grateful for the opportunity to share our world with you and your little one!

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Ty Virginia
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Foreign Service Officer Foreign Service Officer
Bachelor's Degree in International Relations Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Literature
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Family Activity
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Riding Motorcycles in Australia
Memory with Spouse
When He Proposed in the Virginia Mountains
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Our Leisure Time
Visiting a Castle in Wales

We have spent the last 7 years living overseas, and like to spend our free time exploring new places and environments. In particular, European culture and history. In addition, we enjoying meeting new people and making friends from different cultures, as well as spending time with close friends and family. When we are back in the U.S. we spend time in Philadelphia with Ty’s family (his two sisters can’t wait to spoil a future niece or nephew, while his mother looks forward to her first grandchild), or in Southern California, where Virginia’s extended family has many kids of various ages who would welcome another cousin to play with.

When we’re not traveling, we love to take walks through London’s numerous parks, explore the British country side, attend a play or musical in the theatre district, or enjoying a rainy Sunday afternoon at home, playing games or watching movies. Many of our friends have children, and we look forward to the time when our child can play with them.

Our Pet Cockatiel
Virginia and Merlin Just Hanging Out

We are both pet lovers and have always had pets as part of our lives. Ty still remembers the joy he experienced when his parents brought home the first family dog, and has been a dog lover ever since. Virginia has had cats since she was a young girl, but she also grew up with horses. For us, the sheer joy that pets have in simply being alive remind us to enjoy life to its fullest, while their unconditional love teaches us the positive force that love can be. Above all, the care and love we provide to pets reminds us of our humanity and teaches children about empathy and selflessness. We currently have one chatty cockatiel bird from Australia who often fills our home with birdsong and likes to fly around and sit on our shoulders, nibbling our earlobes. When we move back to the US we will no doubt add to our family by getting another dog and cat at some point.

Adoption in Our Lives

One of Virginia's closest friends for 25 years has turned out to be a special example of the power of love. She had her first, biological child at a young age and raised her as a single parent. Many years later however, she met her husband and although they tried to start a family naturally, it didn't work. As a result, they turned to adoption and took in 2 young siblings. After that, every time we visited them we were amazed at the beautiful circle of love and the strength of their bonds as a family. It was this example of profound acceptance and affection that demonstrated to us that adoption would be a wonderful path to grow our family.

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