Hi! We're Adam and Joe from Virginia. Thank you for your interest in getting to know a little about us. We admire that you are considering adoption and would be grateful to be considered by you and hopeful to be chosen to be your child's parents. We are a fun-loving, laidback couple who enjoy life and are excited to share it with a child. We look forward to starting a journey with you!

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Adam Joe
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Senior Analyst Community Plans and Liaison Officer
Master's in Public Admininstration Master's Degree in Urban Planning
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Memory with Spouse
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Quality about my Spouse
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Addressing Cultural Diversity
Dublin, Ireland

We are incredibly lucky to have a large and diverse group of family and friends. Holidays and family birthdays are always special moments and we rarely see one pass by on the calendar without a gathering. We celebrate both the typical yearly traditions but also unique ones thanks to the diversity of backgrounds within our friends and family.

At our gatherings, everything from Southern accents to Tagalog and Spanish can be heard amid all the laughter and fun. Joe is of Mexican descent, so we enjoy incorporating Mexican traditions and foods into our festivities throughout the year. Christmas celebrations and birthday parties sometimes see the introduction of unique cultural pastimes such as piƱatas, mariachi music, and special recipes, such as posole, tres leches cake, and tamales. Of course, making holiday cookies and coloring Easter eggs every year with the nieces and nephews are never overlooked. Extended family in Mexico also gives us an excuse to visit and host from time to time.

Discussing Adoption
At the Rink

As a same-sex couple, we will tell our child that the story of how they came to be ours is unique and special. We will explain that we hoped and waited for him or her to come, that we went looking for them in the world, and that when we found them, we knew our family was complete. Love makes a family, and we will demonstrate and affirm at every opportunity, from every game and match to every report card, win or lose, that we love them and cannot imagine our lives any other way.

We know that every adopted child, regardless of their parents' background, will have questions about who and where they came from, and that's why we promise to have an open and honest line of communication with their birth parents throughout their lives. We will do our best to make our child feel special and wanted, but also the confidence to feel, as every kid wants at some point, that the story of their origin is completely normal.

Life Priorities
Just a Peck

Professionally, we both value and have careers in public service and we highly value serving the greater good of our communities. Joe works for the Navy, and has been committed throughout his career to jobs which support the growth and sustainment of vibrant communities. Adam is an auditor who works for Congress, reviewing federal programs and finding ways to make them work more efficiently and achieve their goals.

While our careers are important to us, we're quite lucky to work for organizations that afford a good balance of work and home life. Both of our places of work are nearby, offer flexible working hours, and even allow us to work from home. This enables us to spend even less time commuting and spend more time with each other. In the future, we hope to spend this time helping with homework, riding bikes through our historic neighborhood, and visiting the playground at the end of our street.

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