Thank you for reading our story. We know that adoption is a gift and we are humbled that we may be blessed with the opportunity to honor you and your child. Our family is so fun and silly and our home is full of love and laughter. We are looking forward to expanding that love to envelop one more. We hope that you consider us and we look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.

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Jonas Katherine
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Thanksgiving with Family
Praying Over Our Meal
Memory with a Child
The Day My Daughter Was Born
Memory with a Child
Petting Fish at the Aquarium with My Friend's Son
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Quality about my Spouse
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Our Promise to You
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family

Our promise to you is that we will spend our lives loving your child in a way worthy of the amazing gift you have given us. We will keep your little one safe, healthy, active, and happy. We will do the very best we can to provide the best opportunities for happiness and success possible.

We have so many plans. Little league, birthday parties, family vacations here and abroad, swimming lessons, college. We will encourage imagination, kindness, courage, humility and love of family. There will be amazing days, routine days and sometimes average days but we will end each day with prayers of gratefulness.

And we will honor you every day. Your child will know that you love them, think of them all the time and only want the best for them. We may not be able to share every detail of your life but your precious one will know that you are brave and generous and their mother. Cross our hearts.

Our Leisure Time

We are the best of friends. We knew it from the moment we met and it grows deeper and wider every day. Jonas supports Katherine's interests and vice versa but we also have separate hobbies.

Our favorite neighborhood thing we do is go to the local Cinebistro (movies and dinner). We both love the Marvel, X-Men and other action movies but we also dig comedies and heartfelt stories. It's not unusual to find us both wiping a tear from our eyes. Plus Jonas LOVES their crab cakes.

As a family, one of our favorite places is Orlando. We're not sure who loves Disney's Animal Kingdom more, Katherine or Kaiya. The safari is incredible. The last time we went, a baby giraffe came right up to our truck! We've figured out that we have more fun if we spend a day at the hotel swimming in between visiting theme parks to rejuvenate. It's the perfect family vacation.

Our Most Memorable Moment
So Happy Together

The day Jonas proposed was such a sweet, hilarious, event. Jonas decided to take us to one of Katherine's favorite restaurants. When we arrived, the waitress tells us how excited she is that we're getting engaged at the waitress's station! Jonas was so disappointed that the surprise was let out but then we just had to laugh at the craziness of it all. Jonas stuck to his original plan and the ring was brought out with dessert. It was beautiful and it was as if no one else was in the room. Until the phone rang and it was our alarm company! For some reason, they were being signaled that the house was on fire. Thankfully, it wasn't but of course we were concerned so we hurried and paid the bill and rushed home to meet the firemen. Everyone was so nice and we all had a good laugh at the evening's events. But nothing could have made that day bad. We were getting married!

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