Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We can't wait to become parents through adoption again. We hope our profile gives you a glimpse into our lives and the kind of future we can offer your child--a future filled with laughter, snuggles, and so much more. If you choose us, we promise that your child will know and understand the caring and selfless decision that helped bring us all together.

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We always felt like we were meant to be parents, though our road to parenthood hasn't been easy. After struggling to have our own biological children for many years, we went to an adoption seminar and it just felt right to us--like all of our past struggles were pointing to this as our destiny. Our son Theo was the beautiful ending to a challenging story, and has since been the light of our lives.

The ability to see the world through the eyes of a child is immensely rewarding to us. When you become a parent, the world no longer revolves around you. Parenthood may be the toughest job in the world, but it's the job we were created for. We have so much unconditional love to offer, and we can't wait to open up our home to another child.

As we both have siblings ourselves, we are extremely excited to see our two children bond, learn to take care of one another, and defend each other against all comers. We very much believe that having an adopted older brother will be a huge blessing to our next child, and we know it will bring so much joy to Theo's world as well.

Discussing Adoption
The Zoo Train Just Blew its Whistle!

We believe that things happen for a reason and that whatever your story is, it's the story that was meant to be. Each person gets to decide what their story means to them, and we want our children to feel empowered and in control of theirs. This is why we very much want to help them understand who they are and where they came from, and the love behind the decisions that brought them to us.

We've been openly sharing our son's story with him ever since we brought him home. We display a photo collage that is entirely dedicated to his beautiful beginning. It includes photos of his birth parents, his half brothers, us holding him for the very first time, and a group shot of everyone together before we brought him home. We touch on the topic of adoption through age-appropriate books and even TV shows like Dinosaur Train, which has an adoption angle. We will always be open with our children about their start, as we believe it's the best way to teach them how to write the story of their future.

One of the sayings we became familiar with the first time we adopted was "parents will raise the children they were meant to raise." We will teach our children that the other side of that saying is also true: you were meant to be our children, and we were chosen to raise you by someone who loved you very much.

Our Child
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Our son, Theodore, joined our family through the blessing of adoption after years of infertility and failed pregnancies. Even though our infertility journey took us through some emotional times, our path to parenthood turned out to be even better than we could have imagined.

If we could describe Theo in one word, it would be sweet. He's very kind, gentle and sensitive. One of the things we've loved most about raising Theo is getting to watch him absorb the world around him. He's such a perceptive child. He's also very silly, and seems to find new ways to make us laugh every single day. Now that he's well into his 2s, he has lots to say and loves to tell stories about his day.

He also enjoys reading books and being outside, whether we're playing in the sandbox, coloring with chalk or visiting the park. Theo also LOVES music. His birth father is in a band, and it's very clear that Theo has inherited his talent, which we will definitely encourage as time passes.

Theo is so excited about having a little brother or sister. He has already helped set aside some toys and baby things that he is too old for so that his new brother or sister will have something to play with when he or she comes home. He's so thoughtful and good at sharing. We know he will be such a wonderful big brother!

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