We are so excited at the possibility of adopting again! We are so grateful that you are reading our profile. We are adventurous and loving people, and we are very much looking forward to becoming parents again. We know this may be a very difficult time in your life, but please know that we would be honored if you allowed us to be your child's parents.

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Rajat Monjri
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Memory with a Child
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Adoption in Our Lives
We Can't Wait to Meet Our Newest Family Member!

We both always knew we wanted a family; adopting a child was something that we had considered regardless of our ability to have biological children. We struggled with infertility for years, and after many failed attempts we decided to pursue adoption. We were incredibly lucky to be offered the opportunity to adopt our daughter, Divya, very quickly. The moment we held Divya (and we were so fortunate to be present for her birth), we fell in love. There has never been a second that she was not our child in our hearts and minds, and our families and friends have felt exactly the same way. Every day that we spend with our daughter reinforces our certainty that a genetic connection is immaterial. What binds a family together is mutual respect and love. We are friends with other families who have grown their families through adoption, and we know how important it is for children to understand their stories. We are committed to making sure that our children know where they came from, and how much all of the people who are or have been in their lives love them.

Our Leisure Time
At a Local Ovarian Cancer Benefit

We cherish our leisure time. Our favorite pastime is spending time with our daughter and watching her explore the world. We can't wait to watch another little mind learn and grow! We also love traveling within the United States and around the world. We travel frequently with our families. It's a wonderful way to bond and spend time together. Since moving to Alabama we have become more involved with outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking and hiking. The weather is often beautiful. We have a lake house and enjoy weekend getaways there. We love cooking and experimenting with international cuisines, taking advantage of the large farmer's market in our area. One of Rajat's passions is live music - he loves going to concerts and music festivals. Monjri has enthusiastically joined him, especially since there are so many great artists in and who come through Alabama.

We are actively involved in local charities. Monjri is on the board of one of the local gynecologic cancer foundations, and Rajat is involved in the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. We enjoy volunteering and believe it is important to contribute to the community we live in.

We are excited to share our hobbies and passions with our children. We want them to learn of the world around us through experiencing all it has to offer.

What It Means to Be Parents
Rajat LOVES to Play Sports & Can't Wait to Share His Passion

We wanted to be parents for a long, long time before we had the opportunity to adopt the first time. We watched the joy that having children brought to our many friends and family, and we were so lucky that Divya came into our lives. We know that our family is not yet complete, though. Having more than one child necessarily means that equal consideration must be given to each one's unique talents and needs. The parent-child bond is like a flower. It has to be watered with love and trust, with just the right amount of sunlight and shade. There will be storms to weather, but it will be stronger because of those challenges.

Rajat can't wait to share his love of sports and science with our children. He fondly remembers going to Yankees games with his dad, uncles and cousins as a kid and is looking forward to buying child-size gloves to catch foul balls! Monjri is so excited to share her love of books and the amazing worlds of imagination they open up. Bedtime stories and reading were a staple of her childhood and she eagerly anticipates continuing the same soothing ritual. We can't wait to watch our kids, nieces and nephew grow up together.

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