We are an international family who loves to travel and experience culture and adventures around the world. We are so excited to be on this amazing adoption journey together. We are committed to nurturing and educating our children to be good global citizens, enjoying the most amazing experiences in life, and who are protected by a loving and happy family. We hope our story helps you on your personal journey through adoption.

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African Safari With My Children & Sue
Memory with a Child
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Our Adventures
Taking in the Local Culture at Koh Samui

We have experienced so many adventures together over the last 9 years, through both travel and our careers. Our business has been an adventure from the start. We co-own and manage a safety training company in Dubai that trains lifeguards and first aiders in life-saving skills. We work from home, managing an international team and worldwide clients. Our safety business will be a family legacy and an adventure we are very proud of.

We love to travel so have immersed ourselves in different cultures all over the world. Scott and the kids love to Scuba Dive and have explored the waters in Thailand, Mexico, Cyprus and Vietnam. Sue loves to explore old cities and temples such as Ankor in Cambodia and Florence in Italy. Our first vacation as a blended family was an amazing safari to Tanzania, where we took a 'road trip' across the Serengeti. We also adventure closer to home, catching fish off the beaches in Port Aransas or North Carolina and learning to wake surf on the lake near our home.

Our next wonderful adventure is completing our adoption process and adding another child to our family. Our commitment to our children is to help them have the best adventures in life and we can't wait to continue adventuring as a growing family.

What It Means to Be Parents
In London With Tyler & Dylan

We have two teenage children, Dylan and Tyler, from Scott's first marriage. They don't live with us permanently however they visit us regularly at home and also travel with us on our adventures. They are happy, kind and well behaved kids and both doing well in school.

Sue came into their lives when they were young teenagers, so parenting a baby together for the first time will be an amazing experience for us both.

We feel our roles as parents are to provide an emotionally and physically safe home, full of love and laughter, and to nurture and mentor them to become happy, healthy and independent children and adults. It's important to support our children through the challenges of the different stages of life; from kindergarten and play dates, to learning to share and respect, learning to lose well and win with humility, experiencing first loves, school tests and puberty. Our role is to support through the challenges, validate their emotions, protect, guide their moral development and provide an excellent education through great schooling and travel.

We are most looking forward to sharing the experiences together that we didn't get to with Tyler and Dylan; the first sleepless night, the first diaper, the first steps, school and tantrums! As our child develops their personality and different interests, we will be there to support them and can't wait to see where it takes us.

Our Family Dream

Our primary dream for our family, is for all our children to be happy and healthy, to know that they are loved and that we are proud of them, and for them to have great relationships with their siblings, our parents and extended family. We also truly hope that our child will forge a long lasting relationship with their birth parents, should that also be your dream.

We want our new son or daughter to have the opportunities to develop their personal interests, whether that is traveling, art, sport, drama or music. We want them to feel inspired to work hard and to be great global citizens, who are open minded and accepting of any social and cultural diversity.

We hope that they will join us on many adventures and share our love of traveling and exploring other cultures. We hope they will spend time learning about their birth culture as well as our US and British histories.

We will always be there for our child to maximize the 'wow' in their lives and to minimize the 'ouches'. We know we can't wrap our kids in cotton wool, and so through education, mentoring and nurturing, and by being good role models, we dream that they will grow into independent adults, who know that success is defined by happiness, great relationships, much laughter and love, and by having the security of living in a loving home.

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