Thank you so much for taking the time to review our profile! Adoption is a selfless gift that will allow us to be first time parents. To be chosen to be your child's parents is an incredible honor for us. We share so much love, laughter, a strong Christian faith, and support for each other and our family, and we are excited to surround your child with these gifts.

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Solomon Heather
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Senior Software Engineer Federal Reserve Senior Manager
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Memory with a Child
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Dream Vacation
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Cultural Diversity
Watching the Eclipse With Friends

Cultural diversity will be an important and integral part of our family's history and we are excited about that! We have several friends and family members who have recently become transracial adoptive families and can't wait to take on that responsibility. Each week, we attend a very diverse church that has people from many cultural back grounds including white, black, Hispanic, Europeans, etc. We live in a dynamic and culturally blended metropolitan area with a diverse community, and plan to expose our child to many activities and events which will promote their understanding of who they are, as well as developing an understanding of other cultures and backgrounds.

We understand the challenges that becoming a multiracial family will bring, and it is important for us to embrace the cultures that shape all members of our family. We have a very supportive group of family and friends from many backgrounds who are excited to help us welcome a new member to our family.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

We have been married for three years and have had a great time traveling together. Our favorite vacation spot is wherever we are planning to go next! We can't wait to take a child on vacations all over the world and let them experience the cultures and wonders that can be seen.

We have spent time in Jamaica and took catamaran rides, climbed up a waterfall and went swimming in the ocean. Recently, we went to the Great Smoky mountains and stayed in a cabin at the very top of one of the peaks - the views and trails were beautiful and the falls colors looked like something out of a magazine. Just this summer, we went to Erin Hills for the U.S. Open and got to sit on the 18th hole while golfers from all over the world finished their rounds. We have also spent time in Washington DC and Nashville and our next big adventure will be a tour of the Irish country side. We will be so thrilled to show all of these sites and more to a child and feel that these experiences will enrich his/her life.

Adoption in Our Family

We have 2 cousins and many friends who have adopted children. One of our cousins recently adopted an infant, a beautiful little girl, who allowed their family to become first time parents. Another cousin has adopted 2 children out of foster care, to go along with their 2 biological sons, and they now have a beautiful blended family. One of the little girls they adopted is transracial, and all 3 are perfect fits into our family. We both know countless people who have either been adopted, or have themselves adopted, both internationally and from the states.

Seeing all of this has led us both to cherish and celebrate adoption, and view it as a beautiful way to grow a family and show and experience the love of Christ. We decided before we were married that adoption would be a way that we would choose to grow our family.

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