We truly believe that love makes a family! We feel this every day for the love that we have for each other and the people in our lives. Life is complicated but love can be one of the simplest things. We believe that you consider adoption because of the love you have for your child and we desire to become parents through adoption because of all the love that we have to give a child!

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Nick Melissa
job description
Owner of a Landscape Design Company Technical Sales Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Education - Physics & Math Bachelor's Degree in Material Science Engineering
Cake Decorating, Painting & Piano
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Friends & Family All Together on the Beach
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show
Legally Married

How We Met
Russia - Where We Fell in Love

Our love story began in 2001 on the other side of the world. In Melissa’s senior year of college, she decided to do a study abroad program in Russia. Nowhere in her wildest dreams did she think that she would find the love of her life while studying engineering in an unfamiliar country but sometimes fate just takes over. Melissa remembers the first night she met her host and all her friends, which Nick was one of them. There was some nervousness and she was unsure of what was going on as everyone was speaking Russian and she couldn’t understand anything. By the end of the night new friendship were found. Melissa said that even though her and Nick did not speak the same language she knew he was special and he told her later on he felt the so-called spark the first time they met. At the end of the semester Melissa left Russia completely in love and completely unsure if she’d ever see Nick again. Love conquers all and Melissa was back in Russia in six months, shortly after we met in Paris and then Prague while we learned each other’s language. While in Prague Nick proposed on the balcony of a medieval castle overlooking the beautiful, historical city. Truly it was straight out of a fairy tale and extremely romantic. That was 15 years ago and ever sense we’ve continued to walk hand and hand together in all aspects of life.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Chilling With Uncle Nick

Melissa About Nick: Nick is my best friend, he makes me laugh, he’s always patient and extremely supportive. This man learned a new language and moved to the other side of the world for me and for this I’m forever grateful. He is a hands-on kind of guy and doesn’t shy away from anything. I love his generosity and that he’s always quick to help anyone. Don’t get me wrong he’s not perfect, but for me he is everything. He’s also extremely talented and the hardest working person I know. Nick is going to be a great dad and role model. I foresee him having many teaching moments, laughing with our child and sharing his love for the outdoors.

Welcoming Our New Niece Into the World

Nick About Melissa: I admire Melissa because she has this very creative mindset and make-it-happen attitude. Something interesting is about to happen when she says “give me a second.” We could be off on an adventure, she’s solved a problem, or starting a new project. She’s definitely not afraid to try new things and I love that about her! She’s the biggest advocate for the people she loves and I’m positive Melissa will ensure our child is amazingly cared for, loved like crazy and all their interests are pursued. Melissa is fun, beautiful, energetic, smart, and will make an amazing mom. I catch her often dancing around the house, acting like one of the kids or singing to the cats, and every time I think I can’t wait to see her with a child of her own.

Our Family Traditions

We are very big on family traditions, for us it’s something that binds generations together and allows for knowledge to be passed down. Melissa’s grandma has always made the most beautiful cakes for everyone in her family and community that people still talk about today, and she has taught Melissa all she knows. Recently, Melissa and her grandma made an amazing cake for her brother’s wedding and the torch has been passed down to Melissa to decorate a cake for everyone’s birthday in our family, A tradition that both sides of our family participate in is “cookie day” where we all get together to make a thousand Christmas cookies that we share with friends, family and the donate to local shelters every year. It’s very funny seeing our two grandma’s that don’t speak each other’s languages communicate and bake together, they always having a great time doing it! Everyone participates, moms, dads (mostly taste testing), siblings, aunts and the kids, it’s great day for everyone!

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