Adopting another child is an opportunity for more in our lives. More love, more laughter, more hugs, and more fun. We have always dreamed of being a family of four and having a younger sibling for our son to grow up with. Being parents has been the greatest adventure of our lives, and it is one that we hope you will consider us as parents for your child.

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Rob Erica
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Why We Chose Adoption
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When we found out we were pregnant with our son, Liam, we were cautious. We had already endured a miscarriage together, but truly could not contain our excitement. The pregnancy turned out to take quite an emotional and physical toll on both of us. Erica was sick for the majority of the pregnancy and at six months along was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The pregnancy did not get easier, and it took about 18 months after giving birth for Erica to go into remission. Although Erica is healthy now, and the symptoms resolved we were instructed not to get pregnant again. Hearing this information was devastating; we always pictured our family being larger, and Liam growing up with siblings.

In our life, there has been no greater adventure than watching our family grow together. Through each challenge and success, though, we find ourselves saying we want more: more dancing, singing in the car, bedtime stories, and hilarious little kid moments with cuddles in the middle of the night. Liam shares our need - he informs us often that he can't wait to have a little brother or sister in his life. This is our hope for adoption: to fill a need in our family for more love, more laughter, and more support for each of us through all of life's adventures and challenges.

Our Cultural Heritage
With Our Nieces & Nephews

Growing up, Rob and Erica enjoyed learning about their own cultural heritage. Erica's hails from Polish-Italian and Swedish-German families; Rob's background includes Native American bloodlines to the Cherokee tribe. Exploring our mutual heritage gave us the foundation to grow into who we longed to become and it's something we will continue to research in the future, as we believe it's an important part of knowing who we are. 

Our hope is to pass a multi-cultural lifestyle on to our children. We want our children to feel rooted in who they are and where they came from, with pride in their history and confidence in their future. We want our family to embrace difference and strive to teach Liam to be a friend to everyone.

Our goal as parents is to help our children understand and embrace their own culture and heritage, biological or adopted. Each of us brings a different background and we share that heritage as a family. 

Education We will Provide

Education, and a lifetime of learning, is very important in our family. It required discipline, hard work, and the love and support of our families to get through graduate school. Now, with our children, we intend to instill our love of learning at young ages. Part of our love for learning has come from reading (anything and everything) from a young age, and our being encouraged by our parents to explore questions instead of easily being given "the answer". We look forward to the challenge of finding the fun and love of learning within our children.

Growing up we were both in Scouts, honors societies, school councils, research teams, and Rob even attended space camp. We hope to provide even more opportunities for learning, facilitating our children to thrive with what they enjoy learning and challenge them to push the limits where they may be uncomfortable. We are blessed to live in an exemplary school district that shares our passion for learning and provides extensive resources and extracurricular activities to give our children a stellar education. (And Rob looks forward to going back to Space Camp, one day, with the kids!)

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