Thank you for considering us. We know you are going through an emotional and difficult time and wish we could make this easy for you. We are a loving family of three and you can trust that if you choose us your child will be given every opportunity possible and raised in a loving, safe home filled with lots of laughter.

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Jason Courtney
job description
Account Manager Procurement Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology & Elementary Education Master's Degree in Business Administration
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show
Childhood Toy
Childhood Toy
My Big Stuffed Bear Fozzie
Playing in Team Sports
Musical Group
Musical Group
The Avett Brothers
Quality about my Spouse
Quality about my Spouse
He Always Makes Me Laugh
Legally Married

Our Child
Being Silly

A few years ago we were fortunate to be chosen by a wonderful woman to parent a baby girl. She is the greatest gift we have ever received. She is happy, healthy, stubborn, and will give you the most hilarious stink-eye when she disagrees with you. She loves reading books and playing outside, especially if there are bubbles involved. She loves to laugh and horse around with Jason, and likes to curl up with a good book on Courtney's lap, or sing songs. She loves the water and this past summer she had her first swimming lessons, in which she did great!

She loves to interact with other children, and is very gentle with younger children and babies. She has a baby doll that she carries around, and strokes her hair and says "my baby." She loves dancing to music and jumping around, so we are getting ready to enroll her in a "Tot Tumbling" class and can't wait to see how she does.

Family Traditions
Courtney with Jason's Aunts

Our family traditions are a mix from both of our respective families we came from. Every year during the summer Courtney’s entire family meets at her parents lake house. These are times filled with boating, tubing, swimming, home cooked meals and card games and board games.

Jason’s family all reside in the city where we live so we are always attending holiday parties, birthdays and barbecues with Jason’s large extended family. Large family activities revolve around summer volleyball at picnics and bowling during Christmas gatherings. Family, friends, food, and laughter are always present at these events and a true family atmosphere prevails.

Leisure Time
Ready for Swim Lessons!

We are an active couple who enjoys many different interests. Courtney enjoys playing in a couple leagues for volleyball and softball, and Jason likes to do trail running. Some of our favorite activities include running, hiking, gardening, camping, going to sporting events and taking trips to Courtney’s parents’ lake house. Exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is important to us so we are usually running in races in and around our city and take our dogs to the park for leisurely walks. During the warmer months you’ll find us camping in the mountains somewhere, traveling to the lake to see family and friends, and grilling and entertaining on our deck. Down time frequently has Jason playing guitar and Courtney trying a new recipe to cook.

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