Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile! We know adoption is a difficult decision and we are so appreciative that you would consider us as adoptive parents for your child. From the moment we met our son, we fell in love with him, and we cannot wait to become parents again. We have so much love to give and are excited for this journey with you.

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Matt Kristy
job description
Agency Owner Event Planner
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Dream Job
Jazz Soloist
Dream Job
Celebrity Stylist
Family Activity
Trip to the Zoo
Family Activity
Childhood Memory
Making Couch Forts
Childhood Memory
Summers at the Family Lake House
Thanksgiving with Family
Sunday Breakfast
Movie Munchie
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and Junior Mints
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle
Preparing a Meal for Our Friends

We have a very active and social lifestyle. We are fortunate to have made a lot of close friends in our community and have so much fun spending time with them and their families. We love to entertain in our home, so we’ll often have friends and family over for dinner, a football game, or a game night. We also enjoy being outside - whether it’s going for walks, grilling on the patio, spending time out on the boat or swimming in the lake, or out gardening and playing in the yard. We also lead a very healthy lifestyle. We both exercise regularly through sports, classes at the gym, or just going on walks with our son and dog (they love the walks too!). We love to cook and we are always trying out new recipes that incorporate veggies from our garden or healthy options from the store - but always delicious! Travel is also a big part of our lifestyle. Whether it's visiting friends and family or trying out a new destination, we love the opportunity to get out of town for a bit, experience something new, and have fun as a family. We love the life we have created for ourselves.

Why We Chose Adoption
Bringing Our Son Home

When we got married, children for us was just the natural next step. We both shared a strong desire to have a family and we didn't want to wait. After some failed attempts on our own, we discovered we would likely need fertility assistance if we wanted to start our family. We worked with a wonderful doctor for about a year, after which we were faced with the tough reality that things weren't turning out as we planned. After processing the initial disappointment of all the unsuccessful attempts, we thought long and hard about the purpose of all these treatments. We quickly realized our end goal was not to become pregnant, but to become parents. Once that became clear to us, adoption seemed like the natural choice to start our family. After all, what we wanted were children to make our house a home - whether they were ours by biology or adoption didn't factor into that vision we had for our family. We adopted our first baby (Rowan) and we knew immediately that he was meant to be our son. We are so grateful that our path led us to adoption.

Education We will Provide

We strongly believe that building a foundation to allow our children to grow and thrive starts with education. We know that education is not a “one size fits all” model, and we will follow that philosophy starting with this child’s first education experience. We are lucky to live in an area that offers open enrollment, so our children will be able to attend one of the many elementary schools and high schools of our choosing in our surrounding towns. This will allow us to select the school that fits their personality, needs, and interests.

Outside of formal education, we will offer this child plenty of opportunities to grow and learn inside our home. Kristy has a passion for reading that she wants to share with this child, beginning at a young age with bedtime stories and reading time. Matt’s love of history, music and art are interests he is eager to share with this child. When this child is of school age, we will be involved with projects and homework, wherever he or she needs help or assistance. Most of all, we believe a well-rounded education is the best gift we can give this child. We are excited to see what interests develop, supporting and loving this child’s passions just as much as we love our own.

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