Thank you for considering us as potential parents! We can only imagine the difficult decisions you're facing. It is our sincerest wish for you to feel comforted knowing the child we raise will feel the immense love, which both you as the birth mom, and us as adoptive parents, have for him/her. We are deeply committed, excited, and thankful for the blessing of raising this precious child and growing our family!

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Robert Holly
job description
Government Supervisor Human Resource Generalist
Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology & Business Master's Degree in Human Resources
Dream Job
Professional Fisherman
Dream Job
Stay-at-Home Mom
Family Activity
Traveling & Exploring
Family Activity
Traveling & Quality Time Spent at Home
Sport to Play
Sport to Play
Rock Climbing
Easter Egg Hunts
Family Reunions for Christmas
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
A Beautiful Day On the Bay

We are an active couple who have a lot of fun together! In our leisure time we like to take small trips to explore our area. Robert enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, walking the dog and landscaping. Holly enjoys spa days, socializing with friends, boating, and wine tasting. We both enjoy going to baseball games, touring and dining at local restaurants, horseback riding, boating, and riding 4-wheelers.

Trunk-or-Treat Event at Our Church

We are also active in our local church where we participate in events for kids such as Halloween parties, Christmas parties, etc. We also enjoy doing things for our community, and have fun decorating our home for Halloween and Christmas.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Holly About Robert: I love Robert's tender heart, his humor and his selflessness. Robert always gives to everyone else around him before himself. Robert is generous to others and is a loving husband and father. I respect Robert's commitment to marriage and family, and especially his commitment to his step-children. He has remained a consistent father figure in their lives because he loves them as his own, which demonstrates the caliber of his character and integrity. I also respect and admires the strength of Robert’s relationship and faith in God and the example he sets for our family.

Robert About Holly: I really love Holly's caring and supportive heart. Holly is a dedicated and loving wife. She is a true nurturer. Holly has a beaming sense of humor that effectively brightens the mood at any gathering. Holly is a true friend, fiercely loyal and deeply sincere in her support and love. Holly is the perfect example of a woman for my children, and I look forward to raising a child with her.

Education We Will Provide

We believe in a well-rounded education. We both fully support formal education, and will ensure our child has all the access they need to be successful in their schooling and continue on to college, or wherever their skills will lead them. Our neighborhood is in a good school district and we feel confident our child will receive a good education.

We also believe that as parents, we have a morale and civic responsibility to raise a well-rounded child. We believe many of the life skills a child will need will come as a result of parental influence. We will do our part to expose our child to many different experiences where they can gain a well-rounded appreciation for the world they live in.

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