We warmly thank you for reading about our family and considering us as potential parents for your child! We are excited to grow our family and becoming parents through the gift of adoption. We continually work to build our marriage on love, respect, and patience and promise to model these principles for your child. We have an excitement for life and look forward to inviting you on this journey with us.

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Brandon Kara
job description
Teacher Air Force Finance Officer
Master's Degree in History & Education Master's Degree in Business Administration
Family Activity
Camping Around a Fire
Family Activity
Movie Night
Dream Vacation
Cruise Around the World
Dream Vacation
Italian Beach
Warm Brownies
Turtle Cheesecake
Childhood Memory
Playing Little League Sports
Childhood Memory
Family Gatherings
Legally Married

Beautiful Paris

We have been fortunate to have a number of adventures in our marriage. We enjoy the outdoors and camping, climbing a number of Colorado mountains and camping where the views are the best. When walking isn’t an option, we enjoy to drive! We’ve taken a number of road trips to the California coast on route 66 for beach vacations, but also trips to Chicago for relaxing at home during the holidays. When driving isn’t an option, we enjoy to sail! We’ve had the opportunity to cruise not only the major Caribbean locations from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Belize, but also the Mediterranean which took us from Italy, Greece, and Turkey, as well as the Baltic from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Russia. And finally, when sailing isn’t an option, we enjoy to fly! We had the pleasure to live in the United Kingdom for two years from a military move, and had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy British culture from our home outside London. From there, we’ve caught flights to Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, and Paris. We believe a worldly experience and outlook on life is so enriching, and hope to add another member to our travels. Most importantly though, our best adventure is the one we are taking as a family and with God. No matter what nation or zip code we find ourselves in, we travel it and learn from it together and grow as a family. Without a doubt, our best adventure is each other.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
At the Bottom of Pike's Peak

Brandon About Kara: Kara is a wonderful partner to have in life, a true source of inspiration every day. I love her passion for life and excitement for adventure. She is naturally optimistic, which I appreciate as a blessing. Her dedication to public service is not just an aspect of her career, but a way she reveals her big heart and care for others. She has a compassionate nature and takes pleasure in simple things like a warm blanket or cuddles from our dogs. I’m so proud of her accomplishments as a woman in our armed services. She is my best friend and helps me become the man I want to be. I know she will be a great role model and wonderful mother.

Kara About Brandon: Brandon is a wonderful teacher, brother, son, and spouse with all the qualities to be a terrific father. He is a natural caregiver, patient and loving. Brandon is a great communicator who seeks to listen and understand before providing insightful advice. I admire that Brandon is very driven, setting goals and developing a plan to reach them. He loves to read and learn, sharing with me stories from his books with joy and enthusiasm. Lastly, I love Brandon’s sense of humor. He has a unique ability to see life from a different perspective, providing witty commentary that can lighten any mood. Brandon’s well-rounded personality make him an enjoyable life-long companion I am proud to call my husband.

Addressing Cultural Diversity
Gospel Choir Selfie

Cultural diversity is important to us to fulfill what we believe life has to offer. Brandon enjoys his career as a teacher in public education providing an opportunity to work with students of all racial backgrounds and religions. Having worked specifically in schools with a diverse student population, Brandon has experience teaching students who speak English as a second language. Kara’s military career gives her the privilege to work daily with people from across the country and the world. We embrace and actively seek out events, historical traditions, and community members from all walks of life. Our school, church, and coworkers enhance our lives with cultural diversity, ensuring your child will receive a worldly view and exposure to all of what people have to offer.

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