Adoption is a blessing that has been put on both of our hearts, and we are looking forward to growing our family! We are so grateful that you're reviewing our profile. We cannot imagine what you are going through during this life-changing time in your life. We know that with this selfless act you're considering, you would be giving great joy to us and make our dreams of growing our family come true!

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Silvio Jenny
job description
Dentist Financial Operations Analyst
Doctor of Dentistry Master of Business Administration
Holiday Tradition
Tamales on Christmas Morning
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve Dinner at My Aunt's House
Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation
Greece or Argentina
DIY/Fixing Things Around the House
Working Out
Family Activity
Riding Bikes Together
Family Activity
Riding Bikes Together
Quality about my Spouse
Her Loving Heart
Quality about my Spouse
His Tremendous Integrity
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives
Our Little Family

We both have grown up with family members who were adopted. Silvio was practically raised by a family friend who he saw as a father figure and had a tremendous amount of influence in his life. Jenny has cousins who were adopted and there were never any "lines" between her cousins and the rest of the family. Adoption was always a normal and accepted topic in our family.

Knowing that we were unable to have children of our own, we agreed that adoption was how we would grow our family - God willing. We adopted our son in 2015 and he is single-handedly the best thing that has happened to us. Neither of us knew what it would feel like to love someone unconditionally the moment you hold them in your arms, but it's what we experienced with our son that day in the hospital. From that moment forward we were a unit of 3 and no biological technicality would ever get in the way of our love for each other.

Our Lifestyle
At the Petting Zoo

Our family is pretty low maintenance - well, as much as you can be when you have a toddler running around! We enjoy spending free time with our family and close friends and love to cook out or host dinner every month or two. We cook, ride our bikes, go to the playground, swim, and spend weekends at the zoo. We go to church on weekends and work on projects around the house. When we travel it's generally to visit family, though we have gone on a few vacations with our son and have found him to be a great traveler!

Family comes first for us so that's always top of mind whenever we're planning our activities. Drama is something we avoid so we are careful to choose who we spend our time with. We have a good mix of an active lifestyle while still leaving time for rest & relaxation. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not something to stress and worry about!

Our Cultural Heritage

We are a mixed culture family and that's something we love to celebrate! Silvio is originally from Nicaragua and Spanish is his first language. He grew up in a war-torn country so his upbringing was more difficult than the average American, but it's shaped him into who he is today - hard working, dedicated, resilient, and determined to make a better life for his family.

Jenny was born and raised in the Midwest in small town America. While there wasn't a tremendous amount of diversity in her town, she embraced the Hispanic language and ended up studying it for 8 years. She loves to learn about new cultures and still celebrate her own (Swedish, Scottish).

Our son is not of Hispanic decent but is being brought up to appreciate both cultures equally; we speak Spanish and English to him daily and he understands us when we speak to him in Spanish. Though he doesn't have full sentences in Spanish, he uses Spanish in his everyday vocabulary. Whatever background our family is matched with, we will embrace it wholeheartedly and celebrate all of our differences and what makes our blended family unique.

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