What sets us apart from the rest of the applicants you're learning about? The loving and caring nature of your decision asks us to paint the best picture for you to answer this question through words, vivid images and conversation. Our goal is to create the security and comfort you deserve while helping you to learn more about us. Please open your heart and mind to our family as ours is open to yours.

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Jeff Sarah
job description
Sales Rep Operational Excellence Strategist
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Bachelor's Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering
Childhood Toy
Anything Star Wars
Childhood Toy
Easy Bake Oven
Dream Job
Investment Entrepreneur
Dream Job
Owning My Own Cupcake Bakery
Bean Chili
Quality about my Spouse
Quality about my Spouse
Legally Married

Life Priorities
Our Family- Jeff, Sarah & Putter

We have two main priorities in our life – family (which includes our Black Lab, Putter,) and an active lifestyle! Some of Sarah’s family lives within 30 minutes of us so we see them frequently. Family get-togethers to watch football, niece and nephews sporting or school events, holidays, or dinner happen almost on a weekly basis.

We also have family spread out practically all over the US so we have no problem hopping on a plane to visit Jeff’s parents in New Hampshire or Sarah’s brother in California! As for our lifestyle, we prefer to be outdoors vs. indoors and are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy swimming, biking, running, golfing, and tennis outside all year round. Whether it’s spending time on the hike and bike trail on the lake or taking the dog for a walk, being active is something we really enjoy!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other
Waiting for the Bride & Groom at Jeff's Brother's Wedding

Sarah about Jeff – Jeff is the most positive person I know and truly an amazing man. His optimism and upbeat nature are infectious! He is a great listener, and takes a genuine interest in people – always inquisitive or with an ear to lend if they just feel like talking. A few years ago, he even started asking his customers what they love about being a Dad! Jeff is extremely loving and fiercely loyal. He would do anything for his family and the people he loves. I can’t wait to be a parent with Jeff because I know he will be the most wonderful father!

Jeff about Sarah – One of the many things I love about my wife is how Sarah’s smile and laughter lights up every room she enters. It’s one of the many glowing qualities I love about her which made such an impression on me, that I asked her to spend the rest our lives together. I respect and appreciate her commitment to having a balanced family and work life. There’s no one whom I’d rather be partnered with to raise a child than my loving wife Sarah.

Family Traditions
Christmas and Football Game Watching Party is Best Day Ever

One of our favorite family traditions is spending Christmas Eve with Sarah’s mom and step dad, sister, Elisa, and brother-in-law, and our nephews and niece. There always seems to be some additional family who joins from out of town as well, which adds to the fun! We start by going to church together for the children’s service. Our nephews and niece are usually participating in the service as wise men, animals, angels, or even one year as baby Jesus! After church, we have an amazing dinner of cioppino (an Italian soup with 7 fishes) and ravioli at Elisa’s, followed by some type of fabulous dessert. Sarah’s mom is big on games that the whole family can participate in, so we usually do something that has everyone laughing (teams dressing up one person like snow men using toilet paper and props, or holiday themed charades are recent ones!) Then we all have a great time opening presents. We look forward to this day all year!

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