We want to express our gratitude to you for reviewing our profile. Nothing would make us happier than to grow our family and share our love through adoption. With the love and support of family and friends, we are excited to have a child in our lives. We are grateful for you considering us as part of our journey together.

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Jon Matt
job description
Recent College Graduate Acquisition Officer
Bachelor's Degree in Business Master's Degree in Engineering
Ice Cream
Dream Job
Hotel Designer
Dream Job
Chemistry Teacher
Memory with a Child
Snuggling with My Nephew
Memory with a Child
Taking Care of My Niece as an Infant
Quality about my Spouse
He is Empathetic
Quality about my Spouse
He is Supportive
Family Activity
Home Improvement Projects
Family Activity
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time
Christmas Photo with Our Niece and Nephew

We are first and foremost family and friends people. We have weekly contact with our families and use live video conversations for those living further away. In our neighborhood, we spend many evenings outside with family, friends, and their children in the community area behind our home. We spend lots of time cooking whether it’s family heritage meals or a new cultural dish.

On weekends we love to go to go hiking, go to the beach, and try new restaurants. A unique part of our lifestyle as well is when we use Jon’s creativity combined with our woodworking skills to design and build beautiful furniture pieces for our home. Overall our lifestyle is very down to earth and family focused. We love hosting family and friends as well as enjoying each other’s company and spending time with our dogs, Diesel and Brody. We are so excited to add our first child to the family!

Cultural Diversity
Our Best Friends

We are blessed to have a diverse set of lifelong friends. The unique perspectives inherent in our group of friends provide us an opportunity to have a fuller life and new experiences. We cannot wait to raise a child with the same openness that has graced our lives. As an example, when our wedding photographer asked our best friends to gather for a photo right after the ceremony, the photo captured beautiful diversity of our friends. Having volunteered at orphanages, grade schools, high schools, and with disabled children, we have interacted with, taught, and learned from so many beautiful diverse children. We are excited to embrace the cultural background of this child and engage in community activities that celebrate their diversity.

Discussing Adoption

Our relationship has always been strong because of its honesty. We will do the same with our children. He or she will be our focus and will be given only honest responses. We have many neighbors with adopted children and are excited that this baby will be around many other adopted children and be able to learn from them as well. We plan to proactively spend time with other loving families who have adopted some or all of their children so this child always sees that our family is not different but rather a celebrated part of the community.

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